Psychological recommendations in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic 27-03-2020 Actual news News
Additional measures against spread of coronavirus infection in the region 26-03-2020 Actual news News
A street in Ekaterinburg is now named after the former rector of Sverdlovsk Medical Institute 25-03-2020 News
Professor of USMU told about the effectiveness of chlorine disinfection against coronavirus 25-03-2020 Actual news News
USMU students took 1st place on the regional stage of International Surgical Olympiad 12-03-2020 News
USMU student can receive a grant to develop neurosurgical implants 12-03-2020 News
«Donor Day» at the Ural State Medical University 10-03-2020 News
USMU student is developing a robust surgical glove, which can’t be punctured 06-03-2020 News
A tour for international prospective students at USMU 06-03-2020 News
Students of the Faculty of Dentistry of USMU took part in the International Conference in the United Arab Emirates 25-02-2020 News Student Life News
Scientist of Ural State Medical University found a way to fight brain cancer 25-02-2020 News
USMU postgraduate student is developing an express method for detection of Alzheimer’s disease 18-02-2020 News
USMU Student Press-Center has begun it’s work 18-02-2020 News Student Life News
What international students say about USMU 11-02-2020 News Student Life News
World Cancer Day 10-02-2020 News
International winter school for student 10-02-2020 News Student Life News
Moia Strana – Moia Rossia 10-02-2020 News
9th of February is the International Dentist’s Day! 10-02-2020 News
The Story of USMU international Student from Yemen. Part I 07-02-2020 News
Information about applying for preparatory course 07-02-2020 News
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