Additional enrollment for the enrollment of foreign students in the Ural State Medical University 14-08-2023 News
By the aid of “INNOPROM” exhibition USMU has another technology partner from South Africa this time 20-07-2023 News
Schedule of examination for applicants of General Medicine and Dentistryprogrammes (bilingual) 11-07-2023 News
Students of the preparatory faculty of USMU received certificates 30-06-2023 News Новости
International students – winners and participants of the international project “Total Dictation” 07-06-2023 News
Foreign students have the opportunity to obtain a temporary residence permit 06-06-2023 News
Results of the V All-Russian Championship “MedicalSoftSkills”:   IT in medicine 08-12-2022 News
Our footballers took the “UGGU World Cup”! 05-12-2022 News
Elections of the chairman of the sports club of the USMU “White Sable” will be held 05-12-2022 News
Results of the lecture “Blood and bone marrow donation” 05-12-2022 News
Happy volunteer day 05-12-2022 News
Join the “Medics also play games” tournament 05-12-2022 News
Temporary residence permit application is simplified for international students 02-12-2022 News
Results of the Olympiad in Operative Surgery and Topographic Anatomy 29-11-2022 News
Choir festival “With music at heart” 29-11-2022 News
The 3rd stage of the School of Health project has come to an end 29-11-2022 News
Russian doctors discuss issues of pediatrics at a conference in Ekaterinburg Russian doctors 24-11-2022 News
Tour to Tyumen 23-11-2022 News
The rector of USMU met with students of 1-2 courses 21-11-2022 News
The School of Health project will expand its boundaries 21-11-2022 News
In 2022 Ural State Medical University became a participant of the independent monitoring of the quality of the conditions for the implementation of educational activities 18-11-2022 News
100 questions to a Professor 18-11-2022 News
Now international students can DuckTheLine 10-11-2022 News
Team of foreign students took 3rd place at the Medical Soft Skills Championship 09-11-2022 News
Bilingual students participated in ethnographic dictation 09-11-2022 News
Tour around the city center for students of preparatory faculty 02-11-2022 News
Pediatric students of USMU discussed digestive disorders in children of the first year of life 31-10-2022 News
Students of the Ural Medical University completed an internship in neuroscience with leading Russian specialists 31-10-2022 News
USMU teachers spoke at the IV National Forum “Public Health” 31-10-2022 News
The students of the bilingual programs have received their library cards 28-10-2022 News
The meeting with the delegation of the South Africa 28-10-2022 News
Cancellation of PCR tests 21-10-2022 News
Bilingual freshmen were awarded student tickets  21-10-2022 News
Foreign students have started studying  21-10-2022 News
STUDY IN RUSSIA virtual edu fair begins today 14-09-2022 News
The preparatory classes have begun 09-09-2022 News
Three Academicians and Eight Corresponding Members from the Sverdlovsk Region Received RAS Diplomas 06-09-2022 News
USMU student team from Egypt won the district football championship 06-09-2022 News
The “influx” of competitors could not shake the position of USMU in the ranking “Three University Missions” 30-08-2022 News
FINAL CALL to get a higher medical education at the best medical university in the Urals! 16-08-2022 News
Attention bilingual students (General medicine, Dentistry)! 28-07-2022 News
It will become easier for foreign students of Russian universities to obtain a temporary residence permit in the Russian Federation 19-07-2022 News
09.07.2022 Poplar fluff, heat, July…. 13-07-2022 News
INNOPROM – 2022. New results 08-07-2022 News
Participation of the USMU in INNOPROM – 2022 06-07-2022 News
Young scientists of the Clinical Institute of the Brain discussed their research with colleagues 05-07-2022 News
Ural State Medical University is open to admission of Indian students 01-07-2022 News
More than 700 people became graduates of the Ural State Medical University in 2022 30-06-2022 News
Ural State Medical University is the winner of the award “Medical Olympus-2022” 30-06-2022 News
Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko met with newly elected academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences 17-06-2022 News
Yekaterinburg is a city free of tobacco smoke! 07-06-2022 News
We invite you to join the All-Russian Youth Film Screening 07-06-2022 News
USMU has received a license for a new program in residency 07-06-2022 News
The IV Intra-university Olympiad in microbiology took place 02-06-2022 News
The intramural stage of the team Universiade on human anatomy “Anatomy Brain Ring” 02-06-2022 News
Happy International Children’s Day! 01-06-2022 News
The team of USMU is the winner of the Olympiad in aesthetic teeth  restoration 31-05-2022 News
Results of the X All-Russian Student Olympiad in Epidemiology 25-05-2022 News
Scientific initiative of international students 25-05-2022 News
USMU hosted the 5th Olympiad for students of the Ural Scientific and Educational Cluster on Indirect Restoration 17-05-2022 News
The USMU team is among the winners of the International Anatomy Olympiad 17-05-2022 News
The Ending of University Science 2022 Relay 11-05-2022 News
Professor of USMU is among the authors of the national guide 06-05-2022 News
Students of USMU – about the conference “On the same wavelength with universities – 2022” 06-05-2022 News
Important information for applicants 2022 26-04-2022 News
Ural Medical University won a grant for the development of student scientific societies 15-04-2022 News
First Aid training 07-04-2022 News
Professor of USMU became the representative of Russia in the European Academy of Neurology 04-04-2022 News
Acceptance of applications for the International Award #MYVMESTE – 2022 has opened 31-03-2022 News
USMU is in the TOP 10% of the best universities according to the results of the Global Aggregated Ranking 29-03-2022 News
USMU students received a grant to create a new tool for endoscopists 29-03-2022 News
Employees of the Department of Normal Physiology joined the collection of humanitarian aid 21-03-2022 News
USMU volunteers who help at hospitals 21-03-2022 News
The collection of humanitarian aid continues at the Ural State Medical University as part of the mutual aid campaign #MYVMESTE 21-03-2022 News
Peculiarities of buying goods on marketplaces 21-03-2022 News
Pharmaceutical factories of the Urals are ready to join the import substitution program in the production of medicines 21-03-2022 News
WHO predicts the end of the pandemic in 2022. Will doctors and scientists defeat the coronavirus? 16-03-2022 News
Access to Book Up ELS 16-03-2022 News
Attention international students 11-03-2022 News
Let’s help together! 03-03-2022 News
A Situation Center is being created at USMU 03-03-2022 News
USMU Rescue Team 02-03-2022 News
Hotline for providing psychological assistance to students 25-02-2022 News
“Medicine is an exciting synthesis of scientific knowledge and practical activity.” The student of USMU – it is about working in the red zone, studying and choosing a profession 08-02-2022 News
Take part in the online All-Russian oncological dictation! 03-02-2022 News
The system for diagnosing oncodermatological pathologies has been improved in the Sverdlovsk region 02-02-2022 News
Over 500 students of Ural Medical University help doctors at the region’s polyclinics 02-02-2022 News
Pharma’s cool – 2022 selection is open 01-02-2022 News
We invite you to take part in the new season of eSports competitions 27-01-2022 News
USMU professors received the Governor’s Award 26-01-2022 News
25th January – the Day of Russian Students 25-01-2022 News
Residents from Kyrgyzstan do an internship at USMU 25-01-2022 News
National students day greetings 25-01-2022 News
Student day at ‘Arena Park” skating rink 25-01-2022 News
Ural State Medical University entered the TOP 10 universities of the Russian Federation in the library competition 21-01-2022 News
USMU professors were awarded with state rewards of the Russian Federation and the Sverdlovsk region 19-01-2022 News
USMU professor became the winner of “Golden Names of Higher Education” competition 19-01-2022 News
Sign up to educational cycle «Breaking down to molecules» 17-01-2022 News
Foreign students of USMU wish a Happy New Year! 10-01-2022 News
A team of USMU foreign students took first place in the first aid competition 29-12-2021 News
Chief pediatric surgeon of Ural Federal District received a special award in helathcare 29-12-2021 News
International students attended the final first aid master-class 29-12-2021 News
Secret Santa starts at USMU 22-12-2021 News
Students of the Pediatric faculty partook in the «Warmth of the Soul» project 22-12-2021 News
Hackathon has finished on the 9th of December in Ekaterinburg #ROBOCON 16 16-12-2021 News
The first winners of the contest “More than a journey” have been identified among the students of USMU. They will be given a trip across Russia 16-12-2021 News
Miniinvasive surgical technologies well within our students range! 03-12-2021 News
Almost 100% of Ural State Medical University professors have been vaccinated against coronavirus 02-12-2021 News
The chief pediatrician of the Ural Federal District hopes that after visiting the red zones people will support vaccination 02-12-2021 News
Students and residents of USMU were rewarded with letters of appreciation from the Russian Ministry of Health 24-11-2021 News
Rector of USMU Olga Kovtun met with the Consul General of Hungary 24-11-2021 News
The Dental Faculty of Ural State Medical University marks its 45th anniversary 18-11-2021 News
EMS doctors are and will be in high demand 18-11-2021 News
Student of the Faculty of Dentistry of USMU won a prize at the All-Russian Olympiad 12-11-2021 News
More than 300 USMU students began their practice in Ekaterinburg polyclinics to help doctors at the pandemic 12-11-2021 News
Ural State Medical University lecturers received state awards 12-11-2021 News
Important update regarding invitations 13-10-2021 News
We invite you to participate in the Hackathon project “Digital solutions in the field of medicine” 05-10-2021 News
The science isn’t boring! 21-09-2021 News
Results of the unique educational project between Ural State Medical University and the University of British Columbia 31-08-2021 News
Students of pediatric faculty tell about their practice in the “Red Zone” 26-08-2021 News
Digital cutlet: What food will be like in 50 years 19-08-2021 News
A mobile application to accompany children living with HIV will appear in the Urals 13-08-2021 News
Students of medical team «Pulse» helped Asbest doctors with vaccination against COVID-19 13-08-2021 News
«It was a challenge to yourself, your capabilities and a step towards a dream»: the staff of USMU took part in cross-country race «Shigir Idol» 06-08-2021 News
IADS exchange at Ural State Medical University 04-08-2021 News
«Impressions are incredible»: students from international medical team of USMU complete their internship in Nizhniy Tagil 30-07-2021 News
Preliminary results of the 2021 admission campaign 30-07-2021 News
Future doctors from Egypt and Palestine tell about the practice in Nizhny Tagil 23-07-2021 News
The children maldevelopment tracker will be introduced in Urals 21-07-2021 News
Young scientists of USMU win in the technology contest at INNOPROM 2021 13-07-2021 News
Ural Medical University signed new partnership agreements at the international exhibition «Innoprom» 08-07-2021 News
Quite recently, USMU realized ambitious professionals again 08-07-2021 News
Target graduates of Ural State Medical University will travel to cities in the region 07-07-2021 News
Evgeniy Kuyvashev congratulated the graduates of Ural Medical University 07-07-2021 News
Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health of Russia, met with students in Yekaterinburg 06-07-2021 News
Students of USMU became prize-winners of the tournament «Doctors play games too» 30-06-2021 News
The event «Big night of big cinema» was held 30-06-2021 News
The first 200 applicants submitted documents to the admissions office of USMU 30-06-2021 News
Rector of USMU assesses progress of major renovations at the university dormitory 25-06-2021 News
Pediatricians were trained at USMU in Early Childhood Care 25-06-2021 News
Student of USMU took the first place at the open European Championship in powerlifting and power sports 24-06-2021 News
«The test of strength»: Vietnamese student-resident of USMU spoke about her work experience in CGKB No. 3 24-06-2021 News
Doctors of Moldova have the opportunity to improve their qualifications free of charge in Russia on countering COVID-19 24-06-2021 News
A clinical base for Urology, Nephrology and Transplantology Department USMU was opened in Yekaterinburg 18-06-2021 News
USMU graduate students take final exams: photo report 18-06-2021 News
USMU showed growth in the RAEX-100 rating of the best universities in Russia for 2021 10-06-2021 News
Students of Dentistry Faculty of USMU showed high results at the All-Russian Olympiad «I am a professional» 07-06-2021 News
In Ural Medical University will open residency for geneticists 02-06-2021 News
Happy Children’s Day! 01-06-2021 News
In one hospital began to install neurostimulators from chronic pain in Sverdlovsk region 01-06-2021 News
«Smart» summer for schoolchildren from USMU and «Golden ratio» 01-06-2021 News
Student team of USMU awarded a diploma of II degree following the All-Russian Epidemiology Olympiad 01-06-2021 News
Mikhail Poroshin, a student of the Preventive Medicine Faculty, became a winner of the All-Russian Olympiad «Management and Leadership in Health Care – 2021» 01-06-2021 News
Urals dynasty dedicated over 600 years to the healthcare 26-05-2021 News
«Our specialty is interesting for its versatility» – Traumatology Residents tell about specifics of their work 25-05-2021 News
Olympiad in Orthopedic Dentistry of the Ural Scientific and Educational Medical Cluster Universities 25-05-2021 News
Ural Medical University has planned joint research with the Institute of High-Temperature Electrochemistry of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences 24-05-2021 News
Olga Kovtun on the situation with COVID-19 in the region, vaccination and the University’s contribution to the fight against infection 20-05-2021 News
International students of USMU were given a tour at the Military Equipment Museum of UMMC 11-05-2021 News
USMU students have teamed up with engineers to create innovative medical projects 08-05-2021 News
Digital Medicine Solutions hackthone started in Yekaterinburg 28-04-2021 News
28th of April Plenary session «Medical science: actual issues, achievements and innovations» 26-04-2021 News
The official delegation of the Embassy of the Republic of Yemen in Russia visited Ural State Medical Universtiy 26-04-2021 News
Congratulations to the winners of the subject team of the Universiade “ANATOMY BRAIN RING – SPLANDNOLOGY” 26-04-2021 News
The hackathon «Digital solutions in Medicine» will be held in Yekaterinburg 26-04-2021 News
Alebay Sabitov took part in the project of professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences «COVID-19 – the opinion of leading scientists and practitioners» 26-04-2021 News
Ural State Medical University is featured in the TIMES HIGHER EDUCATION Impact Ranking 2021 26-04-2021 News
A new direction of the contest «Leaders of Russia» 23-04-2021 News
USMU students show outstanding results during TRUD contest 20-04-2021 News
Students team of USMU is in the top of three at the All-Russian Olympiad on Healthcare organization and Public Health 15-04-2021 News
Congratulations to the winners 15-04-2021 News
Foreign students of USMU took part in the action «Total dictation» 15-04-2021 News
The chief infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the vice-rector of USMU agreed on the effectiveness of «Triazavirin» in the treatment of COVID-19 15-04-2021 News
USMU students congratulated their university on the anniversary 09-04-2021 News
Vice-rector of the Ural Medical University took part in the Russian marathon championship 08-04-2021 News
Congratulations to the winners of the All-Russian Olympiad in English! 06-04-2021 News
Students of USMU took almost the entire podium at the interuniversity tournament in the intellectual game «from 100 to 500» 06-04-2021 News
Online presentation of the Dean’s office for international students for 2021 admissions 06-04-2021 News
USMU lecturer awarded the Order of Pirogov 01-04-2021 News
Student of USMU receives first-degree diploma for report at all-Russian conference 01-04-2021 News
USMU team takes second place among Ural Federal District universities at the cybersport championship 01-04-2021 News
An article on epidemiology and organization of assistance to patients with migraines, co-authored by professor of USMU, was published in LANCET 29-03-2021 News
The chief phthisiatrician of the Ural Federal District told how to protect yourself from tuberculosis 26-03-2021 News
Ural scientists won a grant for the development of drugs against Coronavirus together with colleagues from China 25-03-2021 News
Professor of USMU became one of the authors of temporary guidelines for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 23-03-2021 News
The Club of Music Lovers is Recruiting New Members 23-03-2021 News
We invite international students to take part in the annual educational campaign “Total Dictation” 23-03-2021 News
Foreign students of USMU celebrated Maslenitsa 16-03-2021 News
USMU representatives won the national championship in power sports 12-03-2021 News
Natalia Sannikova, professor of USMU, has become an honorary member of the Union of Pediatricians of Russia 12-03-2021 News
The XXIII Congress of Pediatricians of Russia began work in Moscow with the participation of a delegation from the USMU 11-03-2021 News
Associate Professor of USMU told how to preserve hearing and in what cases you need to urgently see a doctor 04-03-2021 News
Medical football players: how foreign students of USMU study and train 01-03-2021 News
The USMU team reached the semifinals of the All-Russian Cybersport League 26-02-2021 News
A student psychological society «Intro» was created at USMU 26-02-2021 News
USMU student tried on the role of the WHO delegate from Egypt at the international forum 24-02-2021 News
The development by a neurosurgeon, the assistant of the department of USMU was presented on the air of «Vesti Ural» 20-02-2021 News
Lecturer of USMU teamed up with with a group of highschoolers and came up with a mobile application for analyzing the nutrition of teenagers 20-02-2021 News
Epidemiologist Anna Kosova answered questions about the situation with COVID-19, its new strains and vaccinations 20-02-2021 News
I’m thinking about working at an infectious diseases hospital». USMU student – on duty in the «red zone» 12-02-2021 News
From traumatology to contactless impedance measurement: USMU scientists told about their developments on the Day of Russian Science 10-02-2021 News
A young scientist from UGMU is exploring a new method that will help to simplify diagnosis of a range of diseases 09-02-2021 News
Olga Kovtun and Alebay Sabitov spoke about the results of the Triazavirin study in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 09-02-2021 News
Medical volunteers of the USMU took part in the All-Russian campaign “Oncopatrul” 09-02-2021 News
Ural State Medical University has improved its position in the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities 09-02-2021 News
High schoolers managed to develop a neurosurgery simulator under the supervision of the lecturer of USMU 08-02-2021 News
Team of USMU students from Egypt won football trophy 05-02-2021 News
February is a month of chess at USMU! 04-02-2021 News
Novaya Bolnitsa administration noted the students’ part in maintaining the hospital’s work during the COVID-19 pandemic 01-02-2021 News
Waterfalls initiative for continuous education of doctors and healthcare organizers 01-02-2021 News
Lecturers of USMU were awarded the Governor fellowship 29-01-2021 News
Application for the tuition-free scholarship is opened 28-01-2021 News
The Dean’s office of foreign students of USMU held an online quiz for international students 27-01-2021 News
Assistant of the department at USMU was awarded the presidential scholarship 22-01-2021 News
Ural Medical University and the University of British Columbia launched a joint educational project on nuclear medicine 20-01-2021 News
Ural State Medical University and WHO had concluded joint study of childhood obesity 19-01-2021 News
“The immaturity remained somewhere outside the walls of the hospital”: how the resident of USMU treated patients with COVID-19 18-01-2021 News
The WHO considers actions of the Russian medics against the pandemic as “exemplary” 18-01-2021 News
Ural State Medical University (USMU) has improved its position in the ranking of the European Scientific and Industrial Chamber Academic Ranking of World Universities-European Standard (ARES-2020). 15-01-2021 News
Students of USMU conducted a study on the connection between the new coronavirus infection and Kawasaki syndrome 15-01-2021 News
Students of the pediatric faculty of USMU were thanked for their contribution to the work of the polyclinic service of the Children’s hospital №8. 14-01-2021 News
Graduates and residents of USMU received gratitude for their work in the “red zone” of the Central City Hospital No. 2 14-01-2021 News
I always knew that if something like this (the coronavirus epidemic) happens, I will not stand aside. Resident student of USMU talks about her work in the «red zone». 12-01-2021 News
Physics of Nuclear Medicine 31-12-2020 News
Governor of Sverdlovsk oblast discussed the large-scale coronavirus vaccination campaign with experts 30-12-2020 News
Volunteer psychologists of USMU conducted more than 3.5 thousand consultations during the COVID-19 epidemic 29-12-2020 News
Season’s Greetings! 29-12-2020 News
Ural State Medical University – 2020 in Review 29-12-2020 News
Over 600 students and residents of Ural State Medical University will receive federal contributions 28-12-2020 News
Results of the National Latin Language Olympiad 28-12-2020 News
Students of USMU are the finalists of clinical psychology Olympiad 28-12-2020 News
New Year’s Championship of the Eurasian Union in power sports 26-12-2020 News
Students of USMU won in the Olympiad, dedicated to the Day of Psychologist 26-12-2020 News
Online chess tournament 23-12-2020 News
Pulmonology resident tells about his experience working in the small town of Sverdlovsk Region 23-12-2020 News
Rector of USMU congratulated students-recipients of Governor’s fellowship 23-12-2020 News
Interview of anesthesiologists-resuscitators from USMU about their work in Abkhazia 16-12-2020 News
The faculty of preventive medicine held an online meeting with the head of the regional office of the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights 16-12-2020 News
Student of USMU became an awardee of the interregional contest 15-12-2020 News
USMU «Medical Volunteers» headquarters is recognized as the best on national level 15-12-2020 News
Personal experience of medical volunteers providing help to Ekaterinburg clinics 15-12-2020 News
«Mail of Joy» starts at USMU 15-12-2020 News
Postgraduate student of USMU was recognized as the winner of the All-Russian My Country — My Russia youth project contest. 14-12-2020 News
Residents of USMU were awarded medals for their contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic 09-12-2020 News
The scientific work of the USMU resident received the highest rating at an international competition 09-12-2020 News
Students of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) received awards in honor of the International Volunteer Day 09-12-2020 News
Professors received awards from the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region 07-12-2020 News
Over 500 students took part in the annual Medical Soft Skills championship 03-12-2020 News
Students of Ural State Medical University chosen for Governor’s scholarship 02-12-2020 News
#WESTANDTOGETHER 02-12-2020 News
Student press center of USMU released a new issue of Uralsky Medic newspaper 02-12-2020 News
Future pediatricians about working at Clinics in Ekaterinburg 02-12-2020 News
Students share their opinion on EMS doctors training at USMU 01-12-2020 News
The 4th day of the National Medical Soft Skills Championship 27-11-2020 News
Ural State Medical University begins training of paramedics 26-11-2020 News
Students of USMU took second place at the Interregional Olympiad in pediatrics and neonatology 24-11-2020 News
Live broadcast with Rector of USMU 19-11-2020 News
Meet our preparatory course graduates who are studying Medicine and Pharmacy now at Ural State Medical University 18-11-2020 News
Additional day of influenza vaccination 16-11-2020 News
“Infectionists have always been in a red zone”: find out about work of specialists of USMU at the main regional hospital 16-11-2020 News
Attention to foreign students! 16-11-2020 News
Congratulations to international students of USMU for participation is Total Dictation 02-11-2020 News
International Doctor’s Day 06-10-2020 News
Information on entry to Sverdlovsk Region for international students 28-09-2020 News
USMU graduate saved a drowning man 24-09-2020 News
Schedule of Entrance Examinations 18-09-2020 News
Lecturer of USMU became the world champion in powerlifting 08-09-2020 News
Information about beginning of the 2020-2021 academic year 26-08-2020 News
77th anniversary of Russo-Egyptian relations 26-08-2020 News
Ural State Medical University improved the Webometrics performance 18-08-2020 News
Ural State Medical University became an awardee of the national «Best Russian Universities – 2020» contest 27-07-2020 News
The Enrollment commission of Ural State Medical University has reviewed over 2 600 applications 21-07-2020 News
Results of the first intake examination session 03-07-2020 News
Ural State Medical University remains among top-100 Russian universities 25-06-2020 News
In the context of a coronavirus infection pandemic, the Ural State Medical University (USMU) conducted a certification course for neurosurgeons from different regions in a new format 08-06-2020 News
Ural state medical university student works in the red zone: “All patients come to us in serious condition”. 26-05-2020 News
«Change of environment has helped us to test our skills in atypical situation»: how do students of Ural State medical University work in the red zone 21-05-2020 News
USMU residents on their work at Central Clinical Hospital № 1 after COVID-19 outbreak 19-05-2020 News
International students of USMU receive help during self-isolation 18-05-2020 News
“The situation is clear to me” says student of Ural State Medical University about his work in “the red zone” 15-05-2020 News
International student intake 2020 announcement 15-05-2020 News
Rector’s address on the International Nurses Day 12-05-2020 News
How do USMU students work at Municipal Clinical Hospital No 40 during coronavirus epidemic: personal experience 09-05-2020 News
A new song by the choir of Ural State Medical University, recorded during distant learning 01-05-2020 News
Additional regulations introduced to stop spread of COVID-19 infection in Sverdlovsk Region 30-04-2020 News
«I’m not afraid for myself». USMU resident about his work during the epidemic 28-04-2020 News
Students of Ural State Medical University are expanding the geography of help 23-04-2020 News
Report on effectiveness of face masks during coronavirus pandemic was presented at USMU 21-04-2020 News
Fines Imposed for Violation of Self-isolation Regime are Now Imposed in Sverdlovsk Region 10-04-2020 News
A team of professional psychologists assembled in Ekaterinburg to help with the coronavirus epidemic 10-04-2020 News
Psychological recommendations in the context of the COVID-19 epidemic 27-03-2020 Actual news News
Additional measures against spread of coronavirus infection in the region 26-03-2020 Actual news News
A street in Ekaterinburg is now named after the former rector of Sverdlovsk Medical Institute 25-03-2020 News
Professor of USMU told about the effectiveness of chlorine disinfection against coronavirus 25-03-2020 Actual news News
USMU students took 1st place on the regional stage of International Surgical Olympiad 12-03-2020 News
USMU student can receive a grant to develop neurosurgical implants 12-03-2020 News
«Donor Day» at the Ural State Medical University 10-03-2020 News
USMU student is developing a robust surgical glove, which can’t be punctured 06-03-2020 News
A tour for international prospective students at USMU 06-03-2020 News
Students of the Faculty of Dentistry of USMU took part in the International Conference in the United Arab Emirates 25-02-2020 News Student Life News
Scientist of Ural State Medical University found a way to fight brain cancer 25-02-2020 News
USMU postgraduate student is developing an express method for detection of Alzheimer’s disease 18-02-2020 News
USMU Student Press-Center has begun it’s work 18-02-2020 News Student Life News
What international students say about USMU 11-02-2020 News Student Life News
World Cancer Day 10-02-2020 News
International winter school for student 10-02-2020 News Student Life News
Moia Strana – Moia Rossia 10-02-2020 News
9th of February is the International Dentist’s Day! 10-02-2020 News
The Story of USMU international Student from Yemen. Part I 07-02-2020 News
Information about applying for preparatory course 07-02-2020 News
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