I always knew that if something like this (the coronavirus epidemic) happens, I will not stand aside. Resident student of USMU talks about her work in the «red zone». 12-01-2021 News

Daria Abramenko is a residency student at the Ural State Medical University (USMU), specializing in Endoscopy. In June, she got a job as a nurse at City Clinical Hospital No. 24 of Ekaterinburg, and in July she was transferred to the position of a trainee doctor – to work directly in the “red zone” and treat patients with coronavirus infection.

“The shift consists of examining serious patients as a doctor on duty, and in our own patients as a doctor. I prescribe and adjust the treatment”, she said.

The resident admits that the opportunity to work, albeit in difficult conditions, makes her happy:

“I always knew that if something like this [the coronavirus epidemic} happens, I will not stand aside. It’s at least interesting to get such an experience.”

Daria graduated from the faculty of pediatrics; the profession of a doctor was the only career she ever considered for herself. This was largely influenced by the fact that her mother works in the ambulance service, and the father is a neurosurgeon.

During her 6th year Daria also gained experience of working on the site in a polyclinic – she did an internship there for two months.

“There was a shortage of personnel in the polyclinic, and I was offered an internship at the site. It was a very rewarding experience but, of course, I was very tired, because I still had my main job, and there were many calls at the clinic. But without practicing, you will not learn anything in medicine, it also helps to understand whether you are ready for this profession or not.”

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