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In August 2013 our University was awarded the status of University.
Today Ural State Medical University has a considerable scientific potential: 75% of the teaching staff are doctors and candidates of sciences. This allows USMU to confirm high quality of work of its divisions and to be among 100 best universities in Russia and top ten medical universities in the country.
Science and education are inseparable, so the successful development of the University is defined as the correct selection of priority areas and the integration of all (human, material, intellectual) resources to generate new ideas, the creation and implementation of new technologies. This means that science has taken a steady course on innovation.

One of the main tasks of the University in terms of research work is to train highly qualified scientific and teaching staff. The results of the joint work of the department staff, the task groups, dissertation boards of USMU are annual defense of 30-40 candidate and doctoral dissertations, which makes a significant contribution to the development of medical science and practice, and promotes professional growth of doctors and increases the quality of care provided.
The traditional form of  training the reserve of young teachers was post-graduate course, its efficiency is 53%, which exceeds the average Russian level. Today the University has a license for training in the post-graduate course for 42 specialties. Organization of the annual University contest “Best post-graduate student of the year” enables the most capable and talented young people to join the ranks of experienced teachers.

A new stage in the development of research activities was the holding of competitions of innovative orientation. It shall be noted that the number of participants in the department staff who take part in the competition “Scientists of USMU for the health care of the Ural” increase every year. It is evidenced by the increasing activity of the University staff, their motivation for promotion, implementation and replication of scientific achievements. The competitions “Start”, “UMNIK” of the Fund of assistance to small enterprises in scientific and technical sphere attract students and provide a real opportunity to support the most promising scientific work of young colleagues. The number of participants-winners has quadrupled for three years.

Over the past few years in USMU more than 40 grants were implemented, the most important of them are:
1. Grant of Presidium of RAS “Fundamental Sciences for medicine”. Topic: “Studying the role of environmental pathogenic factors in the etiology and pathogenesis of socially significant human diseases in the territory of the Ural region” (scientific supervisor: doctor of medical sciences, professor Makeev O. G.) (2008-2010).
2. Grant of RFBR. Topic: “Differential diagnosis of the heart and vessels using ultrasound methods with suspensions of nanoparticles” (scientific supervisor: doctor of biology, professor Blyahman F. A.) (2008-2011).
3. The Federal program “scientific and teaching staff of innovative Russia for 2009-2013”, grant for the International scientific school for youth “Innovative Technologies in Health care: molecular medicine, cell therapy, transplantation, intensive care, nanotechnology” (2009).
4. Grant of RFBR “Development of an automatic system for the comprehensive differential diagnosis of heart diseases using data from ultrasonic echocardiography” (scientific supervisor: candidate of physics and mathematics, associate professor Sokolov S. Yu.) (2010-2013).
5. Grant of UB RAS under the Program of Presidium of RAS “Fundamental Sciences for medicine” “Contribution of mechanical and electrical heterogeneity of the myocardium in pumping and contractile function of the heart in norm and pathology (experimental, theoretical and clinical study)” (scientific supervisor: corresponding member Of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Biology Marahasin V. S. (2010-2013).
6. RFBR grant for young scientists (together with Ural Federal University) “Analysis of deformation of hard tissues of human teeth with modern filling and structural materials” Federal program “Scientific and teaching staff of innovative Russia” for 2009-2013, research conducted by young scientists – candidates of sciences in the research area “Life sciences (Living systems)” “Bioengineering” (scientific supervisor: doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Mandra Yu. V.) (2012-2015).
7. Grant of the program for oriented fundamental research of UB RAS, project №12-05-022-UMA, the grant of UB RAS for young scientists №11-5-NP-478 (in cooperation with IGG, UB RAS) “Biomineralogy monitoring human teeth as a basis of innovative technologies of prevention and treatment of dental diseases in the Ural industrial region” (scientific supervisor: doctor of medical sciences, associate professor Mandra Yu. V.) (2012-2015).
8. Grant of RFBR-Ural, project №13-04-96084 “Study of the role of procoagulant and prothrombotic polymorphisms of genes in the formation of human pathology in the early stages of life” (scientific supervisor : doctor of medical sciences, professor Kovtun O. P.) (2013-2014).
9. Grant of RFBR. The project “Optimization of parameters to control actuators for medical applications”, supervisor Doctor of Biology, Professor Blyahman F. A. (2013-2015).
10. Grant of RFBR-Ural. The project “Study of mechanisms of regulation of the cardiovascular system of embryos and human fetus during pregnancy induced by in vitro fertilization” (together with scientific research Institute OMM; USMU is contractor for R&D), supervisor is Chistyakova G. N. (Ural scientific research Institute OMM), co-director, head of Central research laboratory, head of the Department of Normal Physiology, doctor of medical sciences, Professor Tsyvian P. B.(2013-2015).
11. Grant of RFBR. The project “Pilot assessment of the feasibility of self-similar hierarchical model to calculate the mechanical properties of biological composites; the case of human dentin” (with UrFU; USMU is contractor for R&D), supervisor from UrFU: Zaitsev D. V., (2013-2015).
12. Grant of RFBR. The project “Development of a tissue-equivalent restorative materials for dentistry” (in collaboration with UrFU; USMU is contractor for R&D), supervisor from UrFU: Zaitsev D. V., (2015-2017).
13. Grant of President of the Russian Federation for state support of leading scientific schools of the Russian Federation. The project “Biomineral formation: development of methods for materials research, applications in fundamental medicine and Earth Sciences (in paleoecological reconstructions), scientific supervisor from UB RAS Votyakov S. L. (together with Institute of Geology and Geochemistry named after academician A. N. Zavaritsky UB RAS, USMU is contractor for R&D), supervisor from USMU is Mandra Yu. V. (2016-2018).
14. Grant of RFBR. The project “Electromechanica  and mechanoelectrical transducers based on biocompatible hydrogels for tissue engineering”, supervisor Doctor of Biology, Professor Blyahman F. A. (2016-2018).

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