Transfer from other higher education institutions

Only before the beginning of the study periods transfer of students from other educational organizations to the USMU is carried out by order of the rector or an official authorized by him on the basis of the recommendation of the attestation commission of the faculty issued by the relevant protocol.

Transfer from educational organizations with state accreditation is carried out by submitting a transfer application to students with an attachment of a certificate of the period of study. In the certificate the level of education indicates on the basis of which the student entered to master the relevant educational program, the list and volume of studied academic subjects, courses, disciplines (modules), completed practices completed scientific research, the estimates issued by the initial organization during the interim certification.

In accordance with the “Procedure for transferring students to another educational organization implementing an educational program of higher education of the appropriate level”, approved by Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation No. 607 dated 12.07.2021, transfer to training at the expense of budget allocations is carried out if the total duration of training of the student will not exceed more than one academic year the year of the term of mastering the educational program to which he is transferred; if studying according to the relevant educational program does not mean receiving a second or subsequent appropriate education.

If more than the number of vacant places for translation has been submitted for transfer, a competitive selection is carried out among the persons who have submitted a transfer application. Certification tests are conducted in the form of interviews in disciplines in accordance with the federal state educational standards of higher education in specialties.

The work schedule of the Commission for Translations and restorations for receiving documents: Monday – Friday from 12 to 17 hours at the address:

Room 120, 3 Repina str., Yekaterinburg, Russia

For all questions, please call (343) 214-86-72 to Getmanova Alla Viktorovna.


The deadline for submitting applications and documents is from August 19 to August 23, 2024.

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