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CyberLeninka is a Russian scientific electronic library built on the concept of open science. The project aims at dissemination of knowledge on the open access model providing free  access to full-text scientific publications, which, depending on arrangements with the copyright holder are placed under an open license Creative Commons Attribution. It is the largest legal scientific and educational resource of the Russian segment of the Internet. The intent of the founders is the first step towards building a knowledge infrastructure.




Federal electronic medical library (FEML) is a part of the unified state information system in the health care sector as a reference system.
FEML is created based on the holdings of the Central scientific medical library (CSML) of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov.
The resource contains more than 2,000 medical dissertations and abstracts, and educational materials, rare books, monographs, periodicals.
FEML contains electronic analogues of printed publications and independent original electronic publications which have no analogues.
Documents are placed in FEML in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation on copyright and related rights.

Information system “Single window of access to educational resources” (IS “Single window”) combines open access electronic resources in the single information space for all levels of education in Russia and provides free access to the catalog of educational Internet resources and full-text electronic educational library for basic and professional education.
Information system “Single window of access to educational resources” was created by order of the Federal Agency for education in 2005-2008. Head developer of the project is the Federal state Autonomous Institution State research Institute of information technologies and telecommunications (FGAU GNII ITT “Informika”).




BioMed Central is owned by “Springer Science + Business Media”.
BioMed Central ,BMC research platform, is the publisher of about three hundred journals covering different sections of biology and medicine from zoology and cancer research to genetics and surgery.
All articles in the database, are freely available. Available materials are in the open access and may be freely distributed and modified, provided the reference to their author under a Creative Commons license (CC BY 4.0).





Free Medical Journals is a database, which includes a list of links on the website more than 430 medical journals, providing completely or partially free access to their publications with an indication for the citation index for each journal.



PubMed is English database of medical and biological publications created by the National center for biotechnology information on the basis of the section “Biotechnology” of the US National library of medicine. A key component of PubMed is MEDLINE. It contains approximately 25 million citations. PubMed objective is to serve as a world-class library in the digital age.





PLOS ONE is a collection of journals, which publish reports about new research in the field of natural sciences and medicine. PLOS ONE facilitates the discovery of connections between research within separate or different topics.
All journals are full-text and freely available (Open Access), all articles are peer-reviewed.
The website has a convenient interface, the search is performed by topics and key words. Our database already contains more than 140.000 articles.

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