Apply Now 20-06-2024 Messages
Apply Now 20-06-2024 Messages
Apply Now 20-06-2024 Messages
Additional recruitment for admission 13-09-2023 Messages
Official social networks of the university with reliable information for foreign citizens 05-06-2023 Messages
A Student Startup 31-03-2022 Messages
UMNIK 2022 31-03-2022 Messages
Faculty Open Day 2022 31-03-2022 Messages
Official information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia 10-03-2022 Messages
Is it possible to return to a pre-Covid state of health? 03-03-2022 Messages
Steve’s Adventures in Russia 01-11-2021 Messages
The 4th International English Language Competition for Medical and Pharmaceutical Students ONLINE 01-11-2021 Messages
Additional enrollment for international applicants has been announced 23-08-2021 Messages
New Year celebration 22-12-2020 Messages
Online QA sessions for international students 23-11-2020 Messages
Attention to students 12-11-2020 Messages
Foreign applicants 19-10-2020 Messages
Preparatory course intake continues at Ural State Medical University 14-10-2020 Messages
Bilingual programme intake continues 02-09-2020 Messages
Important information for applicants 28-08-2020 Messages
On continuation of distance learning at USMU 05-04-2020 Messages
Ural Sate Medical University Passed State Accreditation: Rector’s Address 03-04-2020 Messages
Break and non-working days at USMU 29-03-2020 Messages
Important notice for students of Ural State Medical University 27-03-2020 Messages
Doors Open Day at USMU on the 29th of March will be streamed via YouTube 26-03-2020 Messages
Dormitory and campus visit regulations 25-03-2020 Messages
Studies at USMU are transferred to e-learning mode 19-03-2020 Messages
Ural State Medical University (USMU) is working in a regular mode in accordance with the current schedule. 18-03-2020 Messages
Feedback about studying at USMU from a student, who already works in the Ambulance Service 28-02-2020 Messages
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