Is it possible to return to a pre-Covid state of health? 03-03-2022 Messages


It is known that up to 96% of people who have had COVID-19 experience complications: asthenia, sleep and memory disorders, as well as pathology of the heart and blood vessels. Not only manifest conditions – thrombosis, arrhythmias, Covid-associated cardiomyopathy – present a problem, but also subclinical long-term complications, the so-called “long covid”.

What is “long covid” for the cardiovascular system and whether it is possible to return to a pre-covid state of health will be discussed at an open online meeting with Saeed S., MD, cardiologist, leading specialist of the Haukeland clinic (Bergen, Norway) on March 4 at 14.00.

Conference id: 896 5243 0804

Access code: 123456

At the lecture you:

– learn how to recognize early and late cardiovascular complications in the post-COVID period,

– discuss current scientific data and current recommendations of the European Society of Cardiology on covid-19 and cardiovascular disease,

– get to know the real clinical practice of cardiology in Norway.

As a result of the meeting, you will be able to:

– expand understanding of the pathophysiology of systemic complications after a coronavirus infection,

– to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular complications in the post-COVID period.

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