A young scientist from UGMU is exploring a new method that will help to simplify diagnosis of a range of diseases 09-02-2021 News

Low-cost, non-invasive diagnostic methods using saliva analysis and scraping from the buccal mucosa can help doctors diagnose various diseases in the early stages.

The study in this direction is carried out by Larissa Polushina, Assistant of the Department of Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics and of Bacteriology of Ural State Medical University (USMU). In January, a young scientist became the laureate of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region for his work “Innovative approach to assessing periodontal human health” is a small part of her dissertation, on which the girl worked under the leadership of Professor of USMU Vladimir Bazarin.

«Worldwide the disease of the periodont is between 30 and 95% of the dentoalveolar pathology. The diagnosis of the periodontitis includes dental examination of the patient and the severity is also assessed by X-ray method» Larissa Polushina said. As an alternative to an X-ray study, a young woman suggested using non-invasive diagnostics: a study of saliva and morphological evaluation of the buccal epithelium, that is  scraping from the buccal mucosa and the study of saliva, certain markers. In her work, Larissa Polushina assessed a large number of parameters and statistical methods to calculate which of them were most diagnostically effective. As a result, indicators were identified that have diagnostic value for the disease of the periodont, and an algorithm for the screening of such patients was also developed. This simplifies the diagnosis and does not require serious financial costs, noted Larissa Polushina: “We have introduced our methodology on the basis of the dental clinic of Ufa as well as at the University of Perm State Medical University. On the basis of this non-invasive method of evaluation, aging predictors and other diseases will now be considered. The changes in the buccal epithelium are manifest in the sugar diabetic, with Alzheimer’s disease and so on. ” At USMU, the scientific potential of future scientists is supported and developed during the student period – for this, the Scientific Society of Young Scientists and Students is functioning at the university.   And even before university entrance, students have the opportunity to try themselves in science, notes the Rector of the Ural University of Olga Kovtun: “Today, many talented researchers come to science at school. For example, a project shift in the Sirius educational centre, where our university professors are working on projects together with high school students, offers tremendous opportunities for scientific research, innovative ideas and practice. “

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