Olympiad in Orthopedic Dentistry of the Ural Scientific and Educational Medical Cluster Universities 25-05-2021 News

The final of the 5th Olympiad in Orthopedic Dentistry «Aesthetic and Functional Restoration in Dentistry» of the universities of the Ural Scientific and Educational Medical Cluster was held on 18th-19th of May, 2021 at the Orthopedic Dentistry and General Practice Dentistry Department of USMU.

Teams of participants – 3-5 years students of Dentistry Department presented universities – members of the Cluster: Tyumen State Medical University, Ural State Medical University, South Ural State Medical University.

Sergey Yegorovich Zholudev, professor, Dean of Dental Department of USMU, welcomed the participants. Before the start of competition, a draw was held, each of the finalists took their workplaces. Before the start of the competition, training in impression masses and the technoscope (with the support of Carl Zeiss) was held. The participants had to carry out preparation on a phantom for a ceramic crown, making a temporary plastic crown, taking an impression for making a permanent ceramic crown. A competent jury, consisting of representatives of the Cluster universities, determined the winners on the basis of a point-rating system of assessment.

Nomination «Stages of prosthetics with an all-ceramic crown»:

1st place Delets Maria Alexandrovna (SUSMU) – 33,5 points

2nd place Ozerov Dmitriy Dmitrievich (USMU) – 28,5 points

3rd place Ogneva Ksenia Denisovna (TSMU) – 22,5 points

Nomination «Stages of prosthetics with an all-ceramic inlay»:

1st place Semenova Polina Viktorovna (USMU) – 29 points

2nd place Krivospitskaya Yuliya Sergeevna (SUSMU) – 27,5 points

3rd place Tkachenko Igor Andreevich (TSMU) – 27,2 points

On the 18th of May, 2021, an international lecture hall was organized for students of dental faculties of universities – participants in the Ural Scientific and Educational Medical Cluster «Current Issues of Photopolymerization» in the online format with the support of the permanent partners of the Olympics – the company 3M-ESPE. Shira Zari (Tel Aviv, Israel) – lecturer, clinical specialist of Dental Rehabilitation Department of Tel Aviv University.

An international online seminar and master class «Essential shape technique: creating the surface morphology of the frontal group of teeth» dedicated to the aesthetic and functional restoration of teeth using the StyleItaliano technique, was organized for the students of the Faculty of Dentistry of USMU on the eve of the competition on the 12th of May, 2021 with the support of 3M- ESPE. Jordi Manauta, MD, teacher of Sienna University (Italy), author of monograph «Layers» (Quintessence 2012), conducted a master class and webinar. The webinar and master class took place on the basis of the of Therapeutic Dentistry and Propaedeutics of Dental Diseases Department of USMU.

The festive program of the Olympiad in Prosthetic Dentistry «Aesthetic and Functional Restoration in Dentistry», full of competitive and educational events, ended with a friendly lunch, informal communication and cultural events for the participants. Congratulations to the finalists and winners! We wish continued success in conquering new vertices of professional skills!

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