«Our specialty is interesting for its versatility» – Traumatology Residents tell about specifics of their work 25-05-2021 News

World Traumatologist Day is celebrated on the 20th of May – on this occasion, we talked with resudents of the Ural State Medical University, who are studying in the field of «Traumatology and Orthopedics» and are already gaining practical experience in hospitals in the region.

Valery Vokhmyanin:

«I work on the basis of the Ural Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics – in abruption every working day, plus I am on duty in the 36th city hospital – in total of six shifts per month. In the department, I manage patients, documentation: I take anamnesis, fill out patient records on admission and other standard procedures, as well as assist in performing prosthetics. As I work in the orthopedic department, it is mainly endoprosthetics of large joints, benign bone tumors are rare. And on duty, there can be anything: wounds, fractures, and so on.

When I was choosing a profession, I wanted to find something that I am good at, I wanted to enjoy my work. In principle, I did not want to go to a therapeutic specialty, and I was interested in traumatology from 3-4 courses, when this discipline began to be taught here. I consider that before you go to any specialization, you need to try yourself in it: go on duty, work, communicate with future potential colleagues and see if you want to do this or not, so that there are no disappointments later».

Ilya Kiselev:

«I’m doing an internship at the Revda City Hospital. My responsibilities include supervising patients, assisting in operations, managing patients at outpatient appointments, as well as being on duty in the emergency room, where I receive patients with injuries for emergency and urgent care. All this is carried out under the strict supervision of physicians-curators who constantly help, educate and advise, if necessary.

I often have to work with fractures, but patients are treated for all types of injuries. Injuries are completely varied. There are bites, fractures, frostbite, burns to serious injuries during road accidents, fires and other accidents. This determines what tactics to do with the patient in the emergency room and further admission to hospital.

Our specialty is interesting for its versatility, a variety of clinical cases and treatment options in a particular situation».

We congratulate traumatologists on their professional holiday and wish them great success in their work!

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