«Impressions are incredible»: students from international medical team of USMU complete their internship in Nizhniy Tagil 30-07-2021 News

Students from team «Endorphin» of Ural State Medical University (USMU) had an internship at Demidov Hospital in Nizhniy Tagil for a month. The team of 19 future doctors was delighted with the opportunity to gain experience in a various department of the hospital and polyclinic.

Dmitry Belolikov, leader of student medical squad «Endorphin», whose internship took place in traumatology department, told «We affected all department of this multidisciplinary hospital except «red zone». Young people initially voiced their wishes and interests, and in the end nobody in the team regretted their choice. Impressions are incredible: numerous departments, manipulations and meeting very interesting doctors. Many of them have decided on the most interesting specialty for their further development».

Ekaterina Kosareva, student, worked in gynecology department for the whole month:

«I really wanted to go to this department because I would like to become a gynecologist in the future. Every day I learned something new and I improved my knowledge and skills in many manipulations. A wonderful medical staff works here, thanks to which you are happy to go to work every day».

A special feature of student medical team «Endorphin» is its international composition: among the activists of the student medical team are Mohamed Elsobky, student from Egypt, and Eyas Hejazi, student from Palestine. This year both have graduated from the second year of General Medicine Faculty of Ural Medical University – young people admit that they decided to become doctors in childhood. Mohamed plans to specialize in cardiology or cardiac surgery and Eyas plans to specialize in neurology.

Sergey Ovsyannikov, chief doctor of the hospital, noted «We received tremendous feedback from our patients: everyone is happy with the communication and attitude of the interns to their work, and we hope to see all the students undergoing internship with us in our large team of the Demidov Hospital».

Olga Kovtun, rector of USMU, told, an agreement with the Demidov city hospital to organize the first «virgin soil» for students from student medical team «Endorphin» was reached in spring. In March, the members of team met with the leadership of the medical institution to first learn all the details of the upcoming practice.

Olga Kovtun said «The result of the joint work of the university with the Demidov Hospital exceeded all expectations – good living conditions and practical work were created for our students. Such initiatives will certainly be developed and supported in the future».

We will note that another medical team «Pulse» is functioning in the Ural State Medical University, whose members have been take summer practice in Asbest for several years.


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