Associate Professor of USMU told how to preserve hearing and in what cases you need to urgently see a doctor 04-03-2021 News

Associate Professor of the Department of Surgical Dentistry, Otorhinolaryngology and Maxillofacial Surgery of the Ural State Medical University (USMU), chief freelance audiologist of the Ministry of Health of the Sverdlovsk Region Ksenia Kartashova took part in the TASS press conference dedicated to the International Day of Ear and Hearing Health. The doctor named the mistakes that are often made in ear hygiene, and also she told how you can prevent hearing diseases.

In Ural, an increase in sensorineural hearing loss (hearing loss caused by damage to the sound-receiving apparatus) is annually recorded – it is 1.5-2%, said Ksenia Kartashova.

According to the doctor, a decrease in hearing function is often caused by viral diseases. So, no exception is a new coronavirus infection. According to the latest research, many patients with COVID-19 have had a decrease in hearing function. The virus has a toxic effect on the auditory nerve.

And another common problem is poor ear hygiene.

«We constantly remind patients that the use of cotton swabs for hygiene of the external auditory canal is strictly prohibited – for this you need to use a small towel corner» explained Ksenia Kartashova.

High-intensity sounds also have an adversely effect on the ears:

« Continuous listening to music, especially through headphones, can be detrimental. The music should be listened to in a free sound field to reduce the acoustic load. Another important point: if you give your headphones to someone, then they must be treated and disinfected before using them. The microflora of the external auditory canal is individual, and lack of hygiene in such a situation can lead to infection, to otitis media».

Associate professor of USMU also said what could be a reason to contact an otolaryngologist. This is the occurrence of tinnitus, itching or pain, hearing impairment. In case of severe hearing loss, it is necessary to get medical attention urgently – if you delay more than 10 days, you may lose the opportunity to fully restore it.

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