Meet our preparatory course graduates who are studying Medicine and Pharmacy now at Ural State Medical University 18-11-2020 News

The admission to Preparatory Course for 2020/2021 continues, please, contact us directly via

Ayman (Egypt) – a future doctor and USMU student,
«My study during preparatory year at USMU were really helpful. It prepares to study Medicine, because we studied not only Russian, but also Biology and Chemistry».

Nabil (Yemen) – a future doctor and USMU student
«I studied preparatory course in Ufa, but it was not enough to master Russian, that’s why I decided to choose a university that would help me to reach my goal. Ural State Medical University has become the university of my choice. I began to study preparatory course at USMU in December, 2019 and finished it in July, 2020. And now I speak Russian fluently and study Medicine in the Russian language».

Ibrahim (Egypt) – a future doctor and USMU student
«I really liked studying preparatory course at Ural State Medical University, it was outstanding experience, and I’m happy to be here and be a student of USMU».

Alaa (Yemen) – a future doctor and USMU student
«Starting from the first day of our preparatory year the university encouraged us to study Russian using different methods. The teachers were really helpful. I think we got the best education during the preparatory year at USMU. Today I study at the university and I’m happy to be enrolled in Ural State Medical University».

Sorell (Gabon) – a future pharmacist and USMU student
«Knowledge, which I got during preparatory year studies, helps me now to be active during laboratory classes and understand what my teachers tell during classes. Of course, I need to learn a lot more and USMU teachers always help me».

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