«The test of strength»: Vietnamese student-resident of USMU spoke about her work experience in CGKB No. 3 24-06-2021 News

Dinh Thi Tuyet Mai – a second-year resident of Ural State Medical University in the specialty «Dermatovenerology» – shared her impressions of work in the emergency department of CGKB No. 3 during the epidemiological rise of COVID-19.

This period was relatively short, since November 2020 to January 2021, but requiring serious strength tests from the young future doctor.

Маи Динь учится в ординатуре УГМУ

According to Mai Dinh’s schedule, like many residents of the second year, trained on the clinical basis of the Dermatovenerology Department at Polyclinic № 1 CGKB No. 3. During the epidemiological rise COVID-19, employees of polyclinic providing medical assistant to the attached population needed additional assistance to colleagues. Therefore, at a certain point, some of the classes were switched to an online format and residents were offered to provide medical care to patients. Mai Dinh also offered her help to the polyclinic. She was entrusted with the most difficult task – working in the emergency department with patients at home.

Mai Dinh shared «The first few days were stressful for me, because I felt like an ambulance doctor who had to work situationally. Coming to the address to check up on patients and on the spot to analyze, distinguish one diagnosis from another. Immediately decide on the treatment of one or another patient and further routing. I gave my phone number to difficult patients or their relatives to keep in touch with them».

She added that it’s a very valuable experience. Residents formed the skills in collecting anamnesis, dealing with emergencies.

Mai Dinh added «It was the time of testing me on the strength and the tremendous support of doctors – colleagues – who always and helped me in everything».

Now she is finishing her residency and she plans to work in her specialty as a dermatovenerologist. Colleagues from the Yekaterinburg CGKB No. 3 polyclinic No. 1 thank for patience and help, and also wish Mai Dinh professional success!

Source: mzso.info

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