“The immaturity remained somewhere outside the walls of the hospital”: how the resident of USMU treated patients with COVID-19 18-01-2021 News

The management of the Central Medical and Sanitary Unit No. 15 of the FMBA of Russia (Snezhinsk, Chelyabinsk Region) sent a thank-you note to the Ural State Medical University (USMU), highly appreciating the work of the first-year resident Victoria Chislova. Victoria is studying Obstetrics and Gynecology.

“In a difficult time for medical workers, combining training with work at the Medical Center No. 15, Victoria Vladimirovna took an active part in the treatment of patients with a new coronavirus infection. Working in the “red zone”, she showed selflessness, fearlessness, a desire to learn new things, “the letter says.

Victoria Chislova has been working in the admission department of the medical unit as a general practitioner for several months. It was especially difficult during the peak of the incidence, the resident admits:

“At some moments, three severe patients were admitted at the same time, and there was only one place with oxygen. Then you had to use “magic outside Hogwarts” and include organizational and engineering skills, so that everyone had enough space and oxygen. “

During her work, Victoria understood the full measure of responsibility for each of her patients: the prognosis for both hospitalized and those sent to outpatient treatment largely depends on the treatment prescribed by her.

“I was very glad that practically none of those whom I sent for outpatient treatment with my prescriptions had to go to the emergency department again. After a while, on word of mouth (the city is small), I heard that my appointments helped many to recover, and they are grateful. It was very pleasant and joyful”, – Victoria told.

Independent work during the shifts became a special experience for the girl, influencing her as a specialist and as a person:

“When, after 4 pm or on weekends, I was completely alone as on-duty therapist for the entire hospital, all immaturity remained somewhere outside the hospital walls. And if suddenly some kind of emergency occurs, then you get hold of yourself and run there while remembering what you were taught for 6 years so I could start acting on the spot without any delay, Sometimes, even a second of delay can cost life. “

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