Residents from Kyrgyzstan do an internship at USMU 25-01-2022 News

From the beginning of December three residents of Kyrgyzstan (doctors ordinators) have been traineeship in the Ural State Medical University (USMU). Doctors – cardiologist, surgeon and therapist – they are gaining experience and knowledge on the university clinical bases.
Thus, Usen uulu Daniiar – resident of the 2nd year of «Surgery» specialty have been traineeship at the Faculty of Surgery, Coloproctology and Endoscopy of USMU:
“I have been traineeship at the Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Hospital №1. I was welcomed very warmly, for which I am grateful to the whole team. Every day I learn something new from Russian specialists. I am very glad that I managed to get here. I hope that before the end of the academic year I will be able to become an excellent specialist in the field of surgery”.

Arabboi Sulaimankulov – resident of the 1st year of «Cardiology» specialty. His training takes place at the Department of Cardiology, the Faculty of Advanced Training and the Faculty of Professional Retraining, on the basis of the Ural Institute of Cardiology.
“These days I have been practicing in the angiography room under the guidance of the head of the laboratory, Mikhail Germanovich Perminov. He gives me a lot of useful information during the process of my work about the management of patients. Every week I also participate in seminars, which are conducted by the head of the faculty Olga Alekseevna Minyaylo. I am very interested in my specialty, and here on the basis of the university I have all the opportunities to learn more about it,” – Arabboi Sulaimankulov shared.

Resident of the 3rd year Aichurok Azimova is doing an internship in the department of therapy:

“Day after day I manage to learn something new in this field and I really like that the head of the department explains everything in details about the treatment of patients. Every day I take part in rounds of patients together with the head of the department.”
Traineeship of residents will last until the end of May.

Усен уулу Данияр проходит практику на базе СОКБ №1
Айчурок Азимова — ординатор 3 года обучения
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