Physics of Nuclear Medicine 31-12-2020 News

From January 11 to April 14, 2021 will start educational project “Physics of Nuclear Medicine” of the Ural State Medical University and the University of British Columbia (The University of British Columbia, BC Canada)

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The lectures contain original research results that are not reflected in numerous textbooks, but deeply reveal the essence of the phenomena under consideration. One of the main features of the course is its implementation with the participation of the University of British Columbia Dr. Rahmim Arman, Dr. Urib Munozv Carlos and Dr. Klyuzhin Ivan. All lectures will be presented in English.>


Basic principles of radioactive decay; radioisotope production; radiation detection and dosimetry; principles of operation of nuclear medicine instruments (planar, SPECT and PET); principles of tomography; image reconstruction and analysis; quantitative and dynamic imaging; radiopharmaceutical therapies and theranostics.

 Tentative List of Topics by week:

  1. General introduction, examples of clinical applications
  2. Radioactive decays
  3. Production of radioisotopes
  4. Interaction of radiation with matter
  5. Radiation detection and detectors
  6. Dosimetry, internal dose and radiation protection
  7. Electronics and counting systems, Anger camera
  8. Error analysis, counting statistics
  9. Principles of tomography, Radon transform, digital filters
  10. Analytic reconstruction methods
  11. Iterative reconstruction methods
  12. SPECT and SPECT/CT systems
  13. PET and PET/CT systems
  14. Quality control and NEMA tests
  15. Image processing, dynamic imaging, kinetic models
  16. Radiopharmaceutical therapies and theranostics
  17. Presentations of students’ projects


Zoom link will be announced later

Lecturers: Dr. Arman Rahmim, Dr. Carlos Uribe, Dr. Klyuzhin

TEXTBOOK: “Nuclear Medicine Physics: The Basics” by Chandra and Rahmim, 8th edition<>

Supplemental material: You will find this book useful: “Physics in Nuclear Medicine” by Cherry, Sorenson, and Phelps, 4th edition

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