Results of the National Latin Language Olympiad 28-12-2020 News

The National Online Olympiad in Latin was held among students of medical educational institutions of higher and secondary professional education in Russia was held on December 6th. The organizer of the event – Irkutsk State Medical University – united medical students from all over the country: Yekaterinburg, Ivanovo, Irkutsk, Kazan, Perm, Chita and other cities.

The Olympics were held in two rounds. The first was online testing. At this stage, the participants of the tournament were asked to complete the Latin endings of complex anatomical terms, translate anatomical names from Russian into Latin, restore missing words in Latin aphorisms, and also answer some closed-ended questions. To compete for prizes in the second round, students had to score at least 66 points out of 80 possible. Many students of our University have coped with this task.

The final or second round posed a completely different task for future doctors – it was necessary to write an essay on a chosen topic. Famous Latin expressions were used as themes. There were eight of them: the participants of the Olympiad, therefore, at this stage had freedom of choice and freedom of creativity. For an essay, in reality, you could get no more than 20 points (for two rounds in total – no more than 100).

Students who score over 96 points on the sum of two rounds will receive a 1st degree diploma. Those who scored from 91 to 95 points will become holders of a 2nd degree diploma. Participants with 86-90 points will receive a 3rd degree diploma.

One of the participants – Natalia Tyumentseva (OLD-119) – shares her impressions: “The Olympics was an unusual, but interesting experience in my life. When passing the test part of the Olympiad, you understand in which section of the Latin language there may be spaces. I liked the creative task very much, where interesting statements were presented, over which it was pleasant to reflect. “

Here I would like to note the great achievement of the students of our University – we took 15 out of 36 prize places (the only two 1st degree diplomas are students of the USMU).

Such a high result can be explained by the real professionalism of the teachers of the Ural State Medical University, as well as the talent and diligence of the students themselves.

By Alexey Abrosimov

Group OLD 119

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