A student psychological society «Intro» was created at USMU 26-02-2021 News

Students of the Ural State Medical University will have an additional opportunity to get involved in psychology. First-year students from the direction «Clinical Psychology» formed the Student Psychological Society (SPS) «Intro», the goals of which are outreach activities and close work with students of medical fields.

The head of the SPS «Intro» Ivan Khodchenko, a student of the group 104, General Clinical Psychology, shared with us information regarding the creation of a society

«Understanding psychology and communication is the essential element in medical practice that allows you to build a harmonious interaction with the patient and, as a result, leads to more productive treatment with an early exit to the preventive maintenance strategy. Supporting the psychological culture of students studying in medical fields is a necessary element in the process of their professional development: the main part of the educational trajectory is the acquisition of knowledge about the organic structure of a person, and rarely the spiritual aspect receive special attention.

The project SPS «Intro» involves the forms of psychological and educational activities aimed at improving psychological culture. These are not sessions of psychological counseling or psychotherapy, but a discussion of topics of interest at the level of student competencies and game types of interactive».

The team also includes future clinical psychologists Yegor Kazakov and Evgenia Sabirova.

The guys from the SPS «Intro» have already organized a VKontakte group, where they post material that contributes to the formation of conditions for the development of introspection and analysis of the behavior of other people in general. The group has a large number of musical compositions of the genre «Neoclassic», many selected videos: «Time Management», «Etiquette Lessons», «Oratory», – as well as some films and popular science records. You can get acquainted with the VKontakte group of open source software «Intro» at the following link: https://vk.com/intro_usmu

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