Students of medical team «Pulse» helped Asbest doctors with vaccination against COVID-19 13-08-2021 News

The medical team «Pulse» of the Ural Medical University at Asbest Hospital is nearing completion. The fighters and candidates provided significant assistance to the doctors in carrying out the vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus infection. The future doctors worked in the vaccination offices and went with mobile teams to the city enterprises.

Igor Bragin, Chief Physician of the Asbest Hospital, said «Thanks from myself and the team to the students of the medical team «Pulse». Their contribution to the common cause in the fight against a dangerous infection is significant. Thanks to them, we have increased the number of field vaccinations. Whereas in June the figure was 20, in July it was 56. The number of component 1 and 2 vaccinations was 1756, compared to 398 in June. Each vaccinated person brings us closer to victory over the virus».

In total, there are three stationary vaccination points in Asbest. Two in adult clinics and one in the shopping center «NEBO». It was opened in July and there students from Ural State Medical University helped the medics on a daily basis. Mobile vaccination teams work from polyclinic No. 4. Last month, together with the medical team «Pulse», they visited structural subdivisions and subsidiaries of JSC «Uralasbest», LTD «FORES», the plant ATI, «NIIproektasbest», medical organisations, the Education Department, the Centre «Care», the Veteran Home, Russian Post, the bailiff’s office, the tax office, the military commissariat, retail chains and many others.

At present, vaccination is the only means to solve the problem with the increase in the incidence of COVID-19. Domestic vaccines, which have proven their safety and effectiveness, are regularly supplied to the Sverdlovsk region. Only from 5th to 9th August, more than 96 thousand doses of «Sputnik V» and «Sputnik Light» came. There is a sufficient amount of the vaccine in Asbest. In the city 16733 people have already been vaccinated with the first component, and 12211 people have completed the vaccination.


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