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What holiday is celebrated on July 9? Different country has different ways of celebrating. In Russia, in the old days, they celebrated the Day of David Strawberry, in Cambodia – the Day of Planting Trees, and among Muslims around the world – Kurban Bayram, or in Arabic – Eid al-Adha. On this day, you need to sacrifice a ram, distribute alms, set the table for guests.

Foreign students of USMU in 2022 celebrated this holiday with teachers of the Russian language. Yes, yes, the “Russian Club” was created in order to unite people of all nationalities and get acquainted with the traditions and customs from different cultures!

This time, second-year students and their curators – Ph.D., Assoc. Sarafanova Olga Leonidovna and senior lecturer – Pervova Marina Mikhailovna went to Lake Shartash. The picnic turned out to be wonderful: they cooked barbecue, played badminton, board games, the game “Edible-Inedible” (and what could be better for learning Russian gastronomic vocabulary?!) and, of course, they just spoke Russian!

Will you come with us next year?! 🙂

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