Residents of USMU were awarded medals for their contribution to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic 09-12-2020 News

Residents of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) awarded the medal “Hero of Our Time” for the health care delivery during a pandemic of a new Coronavirus infection. The awarding ceremony was held by the All-Russian public organization “Young Guard of United Russia”.

Young specialists Yulia Tkhai, Olesya Kuzina and Anna Dar’ina received medals. Olesya Kuzina is studying in residency in the specialty “Rheumatology” and for two years now she has been working as a nurse in the oncology department of Hospital №40 in Yekaterinburg.

“My responsibilities now are the setting droppers and injections for COVID-19 patients, frequently measuring blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, monitoring patients, distributing pills, taking swabs, tests, connecting to oxygen, and so on. I see that there are many serious patients, I see how tired the medical staff, especially the intensive care doctors. I am glad that I can somehow help people during an epidemic,”said Olesya Kuzina.

Yulia Tkhai is a future intensivist, now she works at the Hospital No. 24. The resident noted that it was very pleasant to receive the award and, in general, high marks for her work:

“Of course, in this difficult “COVID“time we went to work in covid hospitals not for glory, this is our job, there is not enough medical staff (including doctors). I especially like working in the red zone, as I work in intensive care, according to my profile. We help our senior colleagues – doctors, who, in turn, also teach us clinical thinking and manual skills. Working as a trainee doctor, I realized how great it is that we have the opportunity to gain such work experience. “

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