The system for diagnosing oncodermatological pathologies has been improved in the Sverdlovsk region 02-02-2022 News

The Oncodermatology Center of the Sverdlovsk Regional Oncological Dispensary summed up the results of the year: the most common skin neoplasms are more often detected at an early stage, and the most aggressive ones (melanoma and squamous cell skin cancer) are now often diagnosed even at the in situ stage, when they have not yet grown into deep layers of the skin, which means that a successful treatment result will be achieved in 99% of cases. Recall that the Oncodermatology Center was opened last year as part of the Healthcare national project.

“The main condition for early diagnosis of skin cancer is prompt morphological verification. Therefore, dermatologists of district polyclinics are now in direct contact with the staff dermatologist of our Center: if a malignant neoplasm is suspected, patients are scheduled for an appointment with oncodermatologists within the next five days. The new routing was developed jointly with the Ural Research Institute of Dermatovenereology and Immunopathology, the Departments of Oncology and Dermatovenereology of the Ural State Medical University,” explained Lev Izyurov, head of the Oncodermatology Center.

The medical system here is built on a multimodal principle: the necessary diagnostic and treatment methods are accumulated in one place. Thanks to the work of the outpatient operating room, minimally invasive surgical interventions are performed – tumors are removed and immediately redirected to pathologists for verification. This approach allows us to quickly develop an effective treatment strategy.

In 2021, over 800 surgical interventions were performed at the Oncodermatology Center, more than 400 patients underwent various types of radiation therapy, and 100+ underwent photodynamic therapy courses. The specialists of the Center interact directly with the surgical departments of the regional oncology dispensary and, if necessary, send the patient for an in-depth examination and extended surgical intervention as soon as possible.

It should be noted that the Center for Oncodermatology conducts large-scale scientific activities: it studies the epidemiology of skin cancer in the Sverdlovsk region and, in active cooperation with the Dermatological Service of the region, takes part in the implementation of scientific and practical projects related to the early diagnosis of superficial malignant neoplasms based on screening examinations population.

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