Medical volunteers of the USMU took part in the All-Russian campaign “Oncopatrul” 09-02-2021 News

 Medical volunteers of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) took part in the All-Russian campaign “Oncopatrul”. The students told the patients of the Yekaterinburg polyclinics about the methods of cancer prevention.Volunteers visited Polyclinics No. 1 and No. 4 of Central City Clinical Hospital No. 6, as well as Polyclinic No. 3 of Central City Hospital No. 7. The action took place last Friday, February 5th. Anastasia Onishchenko (Vorontsova), a 5th year student of the medical and preventive faculty of USMU, worked on the basis of polyclinic No. 4, who has been participating in the volunteer movement for two years:“Patients were willing to approach us, many asked questions and asked for advice on how to deal with personal problems – in particular, some are worried about the fear of getting cancer. In my opinion, “Oncopatrul” is a very necessary action, since many people has heard for the first time such words as “clinical examination”, “oncological markers”, “oncological screening”. And these are the necessary elements for the prevention of cancer and further choice of treatment tactics, if the pathology has already been identified. “Systematic work is needed in the prevention of oncological diseases and their timely diagnosis, said Dmitry Shubin, coordinator of the Medical Volunteer Headquarters of the USMU. According to him, the headquarters plans to launch regular assistance to polyclinics with medical examination, within the framework of which cancer screening is carried out.Medical volunteers urge for responsibility for your health and remind that all citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 39 years old can undergo free medical examination once every 3 years, and persons over 40 years old can do it annually.


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