Future doctors from Egypt and Palestine tell about the practice in Nizhny Tagil 23-07-2021 News

By Tatiana Sharygina

19 medical students of the Ural State Medical University are working at the Demidov City Hospital this summer. This decision was made by members of the Sverdlovsk regional student group after a meeting between the chief physician of the hospital, Sergei Viktorovich Ovsyannikov, and the university administration.

“The most active students came to practice, they all passed the internal exam beforehand,” says Dmitry Belolikov, the commander of the student medical unit. – Here are students of all courses – from the first to the fourth, studying at the faculties of both general medicine and pediatrics. It should be noted that the hospital administration tried to satisfy all our wishes: for example, future pediatricians were given the opportunity to practice in the perinatal department, and future therapists work in a hospital and an outpatient clinic for adults. This year I am doing an internship in the trauma department, acting as an assistant to a hospital doctor. Today was a round of patients, not an operating day. Planned operations will begin tomorrow, and I think I will assist in them. I was told about it today!

The student medical team is international. Mohamed Elsobki from Egypt and Iyas Hejazi from Palestine, who graduated from the second year of the medical and prophylactic faculty of USMU, have been working in it for several years. They came to Russia to fulfill their childhood dream: to receive a quality medical education and become highly qualified doctors.

– Working at the Demidov Hospital is a good experience: with the help of doctors, we learn in practice professional skills, competencies based on knowledge of theory, we learn to work not only in the professional community, but also to communicate with patients and colleagues. – says Iyas Hejazi. – I am sure that this professional experience will definitely come in handy at home, as well as the language experience. Informal communication with patients also helps to improve the skills of spoken Russian.

The result of the joint initiative of the Ural State Medical University and the Demidov Hospital is encouraging.

“We have received tremendous feedback from our patients: everyone is happy with the communication and attitude of the interns to their work, and we hope to see all the students undergoing internship with us in our large team of the Demidov Hospital,” emphasizes the head of the practice, the chief physician of the hospital, Sergei Ovsyannikov. – Organizational issues helped us to solve the organizations and enterprises of the city. Thus, UVZ provided accommodation for students in the Sportivnaya hotel, the city administration, Leninsky District, together with the Tagil Tramway Municipal Unitary Enterprise, helped to solve transport issues, the catering was taken over by the individual entrepreneur Ruslan Mansurov. All this saved future doctors from everyday difficulties. In addition, thanks to the director of the Nizhny Tagil circus Ruslan Marchevsky, the guys were able to attend an exciting performance.



In their free time, trainees get to know Nizhny Tagil. We have already visited the museum of armored vehicles of the Uralvagonzavod.

“There is a rule in our squadron: do not find out about the city where we will be doing the internship until we arrive,” says Dmitry Belolikov. – When we arrived in Nizhny Tagil, we were amazed at how beautiful it is. Especially in the evening, when everything is on fire and sparkling! Indeed, Tagil is a large developing city in which one would like to live and work. I hope that we will still have the opportunity to come again not only to practice, but also to carry out various preventive measures. Tagil residents are open people, ready to help, supporting our initiatives.

Perhaps the practice in the Demidov hospital will be another plus that will play a significant role in the future fate of Mohamed Elsobki – after graduating from the university, he plans to stay and work in Russia.

Source: Tagil Rabochy

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