Olga Kovtun on the situation with COVID-19 in the region, vaccination and the University’s contribution to the fight against infection 20-05-2021 News

Olga Kovtun, rector of Ural State Medical University (USMU) together with Valeriy Charushin, chairman of the Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, took part in press conference at TASS Agency. Rector of USMU, in particular, talked about current situation with COVID-19 in Sverdlovsk region.

Olga Kovtun told that the number of acute cases is reduced, the network of medical facilities is returning to normal operation, which is extremely important. She reminded that the regional governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev has not yet canceled the high alert regimen. It is necessary to continue complying with all epidemiological safety measures and to be vaccinated.

She had also noted that the vaccine will not make a person completely immune but if a person gets sick the disease will take a milder asymptomatic form without complications. This is a very serious infection which must be treated responsibly.

Olga Kovtun also drew attention to the fact that over 450 thousand residents of Sverdlovsk region had already received 2 doses of the vaccine and about 300 thousand people have received just one dose. USMU also continues its vaccination campaign: every week 100-200 people are inoculated against coronavirus.

Speaking of the University’s contribution to the fight against COVID-19, Dr. Kovtun noted that at the peak of the spread of infection, more than 2 thousand students, residents, postgraduates and professors of USMU provided assistance to the populace.

She had also added that over 1,600 students remain employed – these are the ones who, after the third year, having passed the exam, have the right to work as nurses in hospitals and ambulances. Today 83 students and less than 10 teachers work in the red zone, mainly at the site of the City Clinical Hospital No. 40.

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