Yekaterinburg is a city free of tobacco smoke! 07-06-2022 News

Medical volunteers of USMU spent the World Tobacco-Free Day with benefit for themselves and others. The volunteers of our university managed to coordinate the one-time work of 9 health points in each of the districts of the city!

The Headquarters connected district volunteer detachments to work with the population together with colleagues from the Department of Social and Youth Policy

At health points, volunteers conducted a survey of the population, investigated the attitude of citizens to tobacco products, urged smokers to give up the addiction and invited respondents to check their health as part of a general medical examination.

“To organize work with the population on the territory of the whole of Yekaterinburg is a goal that we have been working towards for three years! I am very pleased with the success of the Headquarters! Thank you for the work of the SanProf team and its coordinator Daria Posladenko,” comments Dmitry Shubin, the initiator of the creation of the Medical Volunteers Headquarters of the USMU.

You can see how the action took place in each of the districts using the hashtag #Екбнери  or in the ANO Youth Health Center group.

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