Olga Kovtun and Alebay Sabitov spoke about the results of the Triazavirin study in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 09-02-2021 News

Rector of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) Olga Kovtun and Vice-Rector, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Immunology of USMU Alebay Sabitov took part in a press conference organized at the Interfax agency site. The event focused on the outcomes of studies on the effectiveness and safety of the drug “Triazavirin” in the treatment and prevention of a new coronavirus infection.According to the results of clinical studies that started in August at the Central City Hospital No. 14 in Yekaterinburg, experts came to the conclusion that Triazavirin provides  a benefit and a therapeutic effect, while there is no harm to the body, said Alebay Sabitov.120 people agreed to participate in the research. Most of these people are between 18 and 60 years old.- We evaluated how quickly the treatment was carried out. And on what day did we get negative results for PCR test and scraping(cytology), ”said Alebay Sabitov. – Already three days after treatment, symptoms of the disease melted in 25% of patient , and by day 12, the results for PCR analysis were negative in 97% of cases.According to Olga Kovtun, Triazavirin has shown high efficiency not only in the treatment of COVID-19, but also in influenza, URTI(upper respiratore tract infection) and tick-borne encephalitis.See the press conference video for details:

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