Urals dynasty dedicated over 600 years to the healthcare 26-05-2021 News

2021 was declared the Year of the Medical Worker in the Sverdlovsk Region.

The medical dynasty of the Grukhins – Rudnovs – Shmakovs – Gaifutdinovs inheres in 18 doctors, paramedics and nurses, 3 candidates and 1 doctor of medical sciences, as well as 3 medical students. In total they have dedicated about 600 years to healthcare!

One of the representatives of the dynasty is Vladimir Aleksandrovich Rudnov, head of the department of anesthesiology and resuscitation of Ural State Medical University, doctor of medical sciences, professor, vice president of IACMAC, tells how medicine became the family profession.


After him graduating from the Perm Medical University in May 1934, my grandfather Nikolai Pavlovich Grukhin came to Bogoslovsk, where he was appointed head of the Bogoslovsky medical station and when the settlement was assigned a city status under the name of Karpinsk, he was the head physician of the city hospital No. 2. In this position, he worked until 1968. Almost 34 years!

Thanks to him, the hospital was supplied with the new equipment, therapeutic and tuberculosis departments were opened, and medical workers improved their professional skills. Nikolai Pavlovich himself was engaged in scientific researched and authored two scientific works, in which he substantiated his experience in the treatment of trichinosis.

In Karpinsk Nikolai Pavlovich married Alexandra Fedorovna Shmakova, who worked in the same hospital as a midwife and raised her son Arseny and daughter Lyudmila, my future mother.

In 1943 N.P. Grukhin was awarded the Badge of Honor for his longstanding career and in 1945 he received the medal For Valorous Labor during the Great Patriotic War and the Excellent Worker of Public Health Badge.

The older generation of Karpinsk still remembers the grandfather with a kindness. And the kind and experienced hands of the grandmother-midwife delivered over the thousand Karpinsk children, at any time of the day or night she came to the maternity ward as they were living next to the hospital.

The government appreciated her noble and responsible work. Aleksandra Fedorovna Shmakova was awarded with the Excellent Worker of Public Health Badge twice.


Lyudmila, the daughter of the Grukhins, decided to follow her parents’ footsteps and also became a doctor after graduating from Sverdlovsk Medical Institute. A year before graduation she married Alexander Rudnov, a mining engineer, and gave birth to me literally two weeks before the state exams. The first months of my life were spent at the dormitory of the medical institute, so I absorbed the love of medicine, no matter how posh it may sound, with my mother’s milk.


After graduating from high school, I enrolled to Sverdlovsk State Medical Institute and after completing the six year programme completed an internship and specialization in anesthesiology and resuscitation. As an anesthesiologist I was assigned to the Sverdlovsk clinical emergency hospital, then I was appointed head of the department, and after defending my thesis (1986) I was invited to work at the Sverdlovsk Medical Institute. In 1995 I defended my doctoral dissertation.

My wife Lyudmila Vasilievna Rudnova, with whom we got married as students, worked for many years as a general practitioner at one of the city’s enterprises, and then as a rehabilitation doctor at the Central City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in Yekaterinburg.

Our daughter Anna also chose medicine, today she is a pediatric ophthalmologist, working at the Union Institute of Eye Microsurgery in Moscow. Her husband Sergey Lozhkin is an anesthesiologist.

By the way, my mother has worked in healthcare for almost 55 years. She was not only a successful infectious disease doctor, but also an excellent manager – she worked as the head of the city health department, and then for 19 years as CMO of the central city hospital. She is an excellent worker in public health and was awarded with the medal “For Labor Valor”, the Order of the “Labor Red Banner”, the Medal “Veteran of Labor”. In 1990 she was awarded the title of “Honorary Citizen of the city of Karpinsk”.

My mom is 92 years old today and lives with the family of her daughter – Olga Gaifutdinova, who  graduated from the Karpinsky Mechanical Engineering College, then got a law degree and worked for many years at the department of social protection of the population.


My sister Olga’s husband, Azat Tagirovich Gaifutdinov, devoted 42 years to healthcare. For almost 30 years he had worked as the addiction psychiatrist at the Volchansk psychiatric hospital.

Their son Yevgeny also chose the profession of a doctor. He is an anesthesiologist who has he worked at City Clinical Hospital No. 40 for over a decade, then started to work at Novaya Bolnitsa in Yekaterinburg. Starting December 2020 he was invited to work at Sverdlovsk Regional Clinical Psychoneurological Hospital for veterans.

Due to the fact that last year the hospital was partially redesigned into an infectious diseases hospital to provide specialized medical care to patients with COVID-19, young, but at the same time, experienced employees, including Evgeny Azatovich Gaifutdinov, were required to work  the “red zone”

In the Gaifutdinov family, besides Azat Tagirovich and Yevgeny, there are also doctors. Azat Tagirovich’s sister worked all her life as a nurse in a children’s hospital, and his brother’s wife Valentina Ivanovna Gaifutdinova is a district pediatrician.


My uncle Arseny Shmakov enrolled to the faculty of preventive medicine of Sverdlovsk Medical Institute after four years of service in the Soviet Army. After receiving his diploma, he stayed to work at the department and defended his Ph.D. His wife, Anna Mikhailovna Shmakova is a general practitioner, candidate of medical sciences and worked at Ural State Medical University. Their family has two sons: Nikolai and Igor, who also became doctors.

Nikolai Arsenievich Shmakov worked as the chief physician of the Samotsvety sanatorium, and then worked at the health care committee of Yekaterinburg. After moving to Moscow, he was deputy director of the Russian Scientific Center for Restorative Medicine and Balneology of the Ministry of Health. In 2005 he graduated with honors from the Russian Academy of Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation. In the same year he became a head of the Central Clinical Sanatorium for Children with Parents “Malakhovka” of the FMBA of Russia.

Nikolai Shmakov is the Candidate of Medical Sciences, was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit to the Fatherland, II degree, the Golden Cross badge of the FMBA of Russia, the Excellent Health Care Worker badge. He has five children, three of them have linked their lives with medicine.

The youngest son of Arseny Alexandrovich Igor is a physiotherapist living in Moscow.


To the correspondent’s question, if he had to start all over again, whether he would have connected his life with medicine, Dr. Rudnov answered briefly: “Of course, yes.”


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