USMU teachers spoke at the IV National Forum “Public Health” 31-10-2022 News

Teachers of the Ural State Medical University delivered lectures at the School of Public Health, which was held on October 27 as part of the IV National Forum “Public Health”. The forum is held by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Knowledge Society. This year the School of Public Health was for the first time held jointly by Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok and Arkhangelsk along with the federal platform in Moscow. Its goal is to increase the attention of citizens to their health and become a platform for broadcasting the best practices in the field of health care.

Teachers from the Ural State Medical University talked about the importance of maintaining one’s health, answered the questions of modern medicine, vaccine prevention, digital healthcare and the transformation of medical universities.

Vice-Rector for Continuing Medical Education and Regional Development of USMU, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Alebay Sabitov spoke about the importance of vaccination during a pandemic. According to him, vaccination “is an outstanding achievement of mankind, thanks to which it is possible to save lives.”

Associate Professor of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics USMU, Ph.D. Olga Stennikova spoke on the topic “Preventive medicine: the main thing about children’s health”.

“Every year, the number of pathologies and morbidity among children of different ages increases by 4-5%. Scientific studies of recent years confirm that one or another chronic pathology is detected in 60%, and only 10% of preschool children and 4% of adolescents can be called absolutely healthy. Therefore, today the task of the pediatrician is to revive the prevention of diseases as the main tradition of the school of Russian preventive medicine, ”she emphasized.

Head of the Department of Higher Nursing Education and Social Education of USMU Maria Privalova, head of the Educational and Methodological Department, Associate Professor of the Department of Faculty Therapy and Geriatrics of USMU Natalya Shkinder and Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Nursing Education and Social Education of USMU Marina Kapshutar noted the social aspects of public health in modern realities. The experts emphasized that now medical education is focused on the formation of professional and cross-professional skills and competencies. The main ones are focus on the patient, compliance with ethical standards, multitasking, systems thinking.

Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy of USMU Olga Kiseleva spoke about the myths and realities in the treatment of herbal medicines, the reasons for their popularity, as well as the reasons for poisoning with these drugs. “People trust the treatment with medicinal plants and preparations based on them more, but recently various near-medical information related to their use has been actively disseminated. These reference books do not always contain sufficiently competent information. Quite often mistakes happen. The dissemination of near-medical information in the volumes in which we are observing this phenomenon now does not always help to improve health, and sometimes even harms, especially when it comes to open quackery and incompetent statements,” she said.

Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of USMU, Professor Tatyana Oboskalova shared her knowledge on maintaining women’s health in various periods. “Prophylactic medical examinations and preventive examinations for the diagnosis and detection of gynecological diseases remain relevant,” she stressed.


Alena Sidenkova, head of the Department of Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Narcology, told us how to maintain your mental health and what “intellectual longevity” is. In her speech, the lecturer emphasized that “it is important to approach your own years wisely, it is necessary to prevent factors that contribute to the development of negative aging.” The speaker revealed the main signs of pathological aging, and also touched upon the issues of prevention and methods of maintaining the mental health of the population.

Associate Professor of the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Pharmacognosy of USMU Alisa Karimova revealed the possibilities of digital healthcare.

“Already today, digital healthcare capabilities are at a high level, but it is necessary to improve digital methods for providing telemedicine consultations. The main task is the development of artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare,” she said.

Associate professors of the Department of Therapeutic Dentistry and Propaedeutics of Dental Diseases Elena Svetlakova and Anastasia Kotikova spoke about the prevention of dental diseases.

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