Results of the X All-Russian Student Olympiad in Epidemiology 25-05-2022 News

On May 19, the X All-Russian Student Olympiad in Epidemiology was held on the basis of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University). This year’s Olympiad was dedicated to the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases. After a two-year break, the competitions were again held in full-time format. This year, teams from 21 universities took part in the Olympiad.

Traditionally, a team of medical and preventive Faculty students of the Ural State Medical University participates in Olympiad.

This year our University was represented by:

1. Natalia Bronskikh (group OMП-503)

2. Daria Vinokurova (group OMП-603)

3. Peter Gavrikov (group OMП-602)

4. Tatiana Gitman (group OMП-602)

5. Karen Nikoghosyan (group OMП-505).

The Olympiad consisted of three rounds.

The first round was held in the popular quiz format, where teams were asked questions from various fields of epidemiology’s  non-communicable diseases. After each question it was necessary to give a written answer. This round was a very difficult one as questions were nontrivial. In the photo you can see several examples.
In the second round, participants were asked to evaluate the validity of clinical recommendations. Teams were given “impersonal” clinical recommendations, in which it was necessary to find errors and assess the level of evidence of certain prescriptions.
The third and most difficult round was the development and presentation of the concept of non-communicable disease prevention. Within 40 minutes, participants were asked to develop a full-fledged concept of non-communicable diseases prevention and to justify possible impacts on risk factors. Then, it was necessary to present their project in real time in front of the audience for 5 minutes. Our students presented the concept of Alzheimer’s disease prevention . The project in this round was submitted by team captain Pyotr Gavrikov.

According to the members of the Olympiad jury, the work of our team in the third round was the best one and received the maximum score from the jury members.

Following the results of the entire Olympiad, the USMU team was awarded a Diploma of the III degree Laureate.

The team thanks Anna Kosova, Head of the Department of Epidemiology, Social Hygiene and Organization of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Dean of the Medicine and Prevention Faculty, for her help in preparing for the Olympiad and expresses sincere gratitude to the University administration for the opportunity to participate in the competition.

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