Alebay Sabitov took part in the project of professors of the Russian Academy of Sciences «COVID-19 – the opinion of leading scientists and practitioners» 26-04-2021 News

On the 20th of April webinar «Possibility of using riamilovir in coronavirus infection» was held as part of project «COVID-19 – the opinion of leading scientists and practitioners». Alebay Usmanovich Sabitov took part in webinar.
The project “COVID-19 – the opinion of leading scientists and practical doctors” is implemented under the auspices of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the National Scientific Society of Inflammation, the Central Clinical Hospital with the Polyclinic of the Office of the President of the Russian Federation, FSBI «Research Institute of Pulmonology» FMBA of Russia.
The idea of the project is based on the need to provide reliable and proven information on COVID-19, actual data on epidemiology, diagnosis, prevention, treatment, organizational measures, taking into account the flow of unprofessional, unverified and contradictory information.
As part of webinar, Alebay Usmanovich Sabitov, Head of Infection Diseases and Clinical Immunology Department of Ural State Medical University, spoke about clinical experience of Triazavirin at 5 clinical centers at 2020. He elaborated on the research at City Hospital №14 in Yekaterinburg, where Triazavirin trials against COVID-19 were carried out jointly with USMU. 2 studies were conducted within the framework of the effectiveness and safety of Triazavirin in the treatment of patient with COVID-19, as well as effectiveness and safety of the preventive use of the pharmacy with a new coronavirus infection in industrial and family foci.
Alebay Usmanovich noted that we can talk about 97,5% of effectiveness of the pharmacy in the case preventive use, also 100% effectiveness in the treatment of patients with COVID-19. That is positive clinical dynamic of patients, as well as laboratory indicators of PCR testing results. The tolerability of the preparation of Triazavirin in both studies is noted as good, significant adverse reactions and side effects were not identified.
Also, professor noted, that clinical trials of pharmacy are being carried abroad. So, tests are currently being carried out in Republic of South Africa and Kenia, and studies were also carried out in China at 10 clinical sites. As for use in Russia, Triazavirin is included in many protocols on the outpatient and inpatient treatment of patients with COVID-19. Such as the Clinical Protocol for the Treatment of Patients with a New Coronavirus Infection in the Medical Organizations of Moscow, Temporary Methodical Recommendations «On the Use of the Preparation of Triazavirin for the Treatment and Post-Compensation Prevention of COVID-19», approved by the Academic Council of USMU, and others.

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