Students of the Pediatric faculty partook in the «Warmth of the Soul» project 22-12-2021 News

Students brought childcare items to the fosters of the Yekaterinburg orphanage as a part of the traditional project “Give warmth of the soul!”, organized by the department of pedicatrics.
The action was attended by 1-5 year students of the pediatric faculty and graduates, thus transferring a piece of their soul to the kids left without parental care, said the head of the department Larisa Levchuk.
“We are not indifferent and believe that if someone needs help, it is better to provide it than just stay on the sidelines,” said Artem Selivanov, head of the OP-407 group.
Sevinch Timinova, a graduate of the pediatric faculty of USMU, has been helping the orphanage children for several years in a row:
“By nature, I am the kind of person who loves to help. I know that they don’t say that about themselves, but I am ready to give my soul to help someone – this is how I was brought up. Mom also said from childhood – if you have 2 apples, one must be given to the needy. About the action “Give warmth of the soul!” we were told for another 1 year. And I immediately decided that I had to collect a box with the necessary things for the children, and every year I consistently brought such a box to our dean’s office. As I graduated from the university, a year later I did the same. Unfortunately, I cannot do some kind of global charity at the moment, but it is not at all difficult to make little children feel good. ”
Students of the pediatric faculty also launched the “Boomerang of Kindness – 2022” project together with the NOMUS section’s activists. Until December 20, care products for children – pupils of the “Specialized orphanage” on the street. Syromolotova, 24a. You can bring care products to the Children’s City Clinical Hospital №11 at st. Nagornaya, 48, having previously contacted Yekaterina Ivanova (

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