Acceptance of applications for the International Award #MYVMESTE – 2022 has opened 31-03-2022 News

On March 16, on the anniversary of the #MYVTOGETHER action, the new season of the International Award #MYVTOGET started. The award was launched to support socially significant projects aimed at helping people and improving the quality of life. The grant fund of the Prize is 90 million rubles.
Among the objectives of the International Award #MYVMESTE: to identify leaders of social change among volunteers, NGOs, business and media sectors; unite them into teams of regional clubs #MYVMESTE in all regions of the Russian Federation; support the winners of the Prize; draw the attention of citizens to the achievement of Russia’s national development goals; replicate the best social practices.
You can apply for the Prize on the official website of premium.myvmeste.rf and on the DOBROC.RF platform until June 12.
Participants of the Award are the authors of social projects aimed at helping people and improving the quality of life. These are citizens over 14 years old, organizations and institutions. Including: volunteers, NGOs, charitable foundations, educational, cultural and leisure institutions, individual entrepreneurs, medium and large businesses, media, bloggers and many others.
In 2021, about 25,000 applications from 59 countries were received for the #MYVTOMEST International Prize – 130 applicants from 13 countries became laureates. Now many of them help the residents of Donbass and continue to help in the fight against coronavirus: they provide those in need with food, clothing and hygiene products, and are engaged in car volunteering. They also continue to support the elderly, people with disabilities, animal shelters, develop donation, culture, sports, take care of the environment and the mental health of residents.
You can apply for the following categories:

  • “Helping people”: for projects aimed at improving the well-being of vulnerable categories of citizens, providing social assistance, protection from emergencies, searching for the missing, developing a safety culture;
  • “Health of the Nation”: for projects in the field of mental and physical health, blood donation, health development, promotion of physical education, sports and healthy lifestyle values;
  • “Land of Opportunities”: for projects aimed at revealing talents and educating a personality, developing education, volunteering, science, patriotism, cultural values ​​and traditions, preserving historical memory;
  • “Territory for life”: for projects aimed at developing regions, the urban environment, tourism, the country’s tourist attractiveness, preserving the environment, maintaining the environment and protecting animals;
  • “Responsible business”: for sectoral projects implemented by businesses;
  • “Social Entrepreneur”: for projects from SMEs with the status of a social entrepreneur;
  • “Media project”: for projects in the media environment;
  • “Big Break”: for projects of participants from 14 to 17 years old;
  • “Leader of social change”: for systemic long-term programs of organizations.

After the application stage, the participants of the Prize will have a regional stage: technical examination of applications and face-to-face presentation of projects in each region of the Russian Federation. In the semi-final, an expert commission will evaluate the applicants’ video business cards. The initiatives of the finalists are traditionally awaited by the popular vote on the platform DOBROK.RF and the evaluation of the Prize Jury. The awards ceremony will be timed to coincide with the International Volunteer Day and will take place on December 2-5 at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall in Moscow, with the participation of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Laureates of the Prize will receive grants up to 3.5 million rubles, which is 1 million rubles. more grants from last season. Also, the State Award “Distinction “For Benevolence”, promotion on the leading sites of the Runet, the status of “Partner of National Projects”, the opportunity to participate in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the Russian Investment Forum, travel around Russia, replication using the Dobro.Tsentrov network From “National Priorities”: media support, replication using a collection of best practices and the opportunity to receive the prestigious status of “Partner of National Priorities”, which is awarded by decision of the Government of the Russian Federation. In addition, the projects of the winners will be placed on the platform of the Smartek best practice search service, where leaders exchange experience in solving socio-economic problems, contribute to the sustainable development of regions and the implementation of National projects.
Support for the participants is provided by the Organizing Committee of the #MYVMESTE International Award, which was established by order of Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2021. It includes representatives of the largest Russian organizations from the fields of NGOs, business and media. The Organizing Committee is co-chaired by First Deputy Head of the Russian Presidential Administration Sergei Kiriyenko and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Tatyana Golikova.
Regardless of the victory in the nominations, projects can also claim victory in the special nominations of the Award: “Volunteer of the Year”, “Person of the Year” and “Partnership of the Year”. These are prestigious statuses that project authors will receive for their contribution. “Volunteer of the Year” is awarded for personal contribution to the development of the volunteer movement in Russia. “Partner of the Year” – for achieving mutually beneficial results with


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