Results of the V All-Russian Championship “MedicalSoftSkills”:   IT in medicine 08-12-2022 News

On the first days of the calendar winter we begin to sum up the results of the year. One of the main events of this autumn was the V National Championship “MedicalSoftSkills”.  Staff of the Department for Digital Transformation of Education took an active part in the work of the direction “Information technologies in the service of the digital transformation of medical education, medical science and telemedicine”. 52 participants from the Ural State Medical University, North-Western State Medical University. I.I. Mechnikov, Northern State Medical University, Bashkir State Medical University, Semey Medical University (Republic of Kazakhstan), Osh State University (Kyrgyz Republic) throughout the competition day demonstrated their knowledge in the use of information technology in medicine.

The results of the competitions were evaluated by an international jury consisting of: Bogdanov S.I. (chairman of the jury), Shestakova A.A., Tkachenko T.Ya., Sokolov S.Yu. , Skorokhodova L.A., Bogdanova E.N. (all – USMU), Isaeva A.V. (Central clinical hospital No. 20, Yekaterinburg), Karchava A.A. (Head of IT-projects, Yekaterinburg), Musataeva I.S., Masalimova A.N. (Semey Medical University, Kazakhstan), Sopuev U.A., Zamirbekova S.K. (Osh State University, Kyrgyz Republic).

The championship was held in two stages: team championship (IT-battle) and individual championship.

The I degree diploma in the IT battle was received by the IT doctors team (Semey Medical University, Republic of Kazakhstan), the II degree diploma – Osh State University (Osh State University, the Kyrgyz Republic; III degree diploma – “Foreign students of USMU”.

9 students from USMU, North-West State Medical University named after A.I. I.I. Mechnikov, Semey Medical University (Republic of Kazakhstan), Osh State University. Kalelova Malika, a student of the Semey Medical University (Republic of Kazakhstan), became the champion, 2nd place was taken by a 5th year student of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine Minogina Ekaterina, 3rd place was taken by a 3rd year student of the Pediatric Faculty Ugryumova Elena. USMU students took an active part in the preparation and holding of the Championship: Alexandra Kuznetsova (chairman of the Students Science Community (SSC), 2nd year of the pediatric faculty), Ekaterina Minogina (co-chair of the SSC, 5th year of the preventive medical faculty), Pupov Anton (co-chair of the SSS, 5th year of the preventive medical faculty) , Ugryumova Elena (co-chair of the SSC, 3rd year of the Faculty of Pediatrics). All Championship events are traditionally held via USMU MedSpace distance learning system, which provides not only a remote opportunity to download competitive works and complete assignments, but also remote evaluation by experts. Each participant and winner could independently download a personalized electronic certificate or diploma.

If you are interested in this area of work, have educational or medical ideas that require IT implementation, we invite you to join the SSC team in MS Teams using the command code: pp9fo2s, as well as subscribe and follow the news in our VKontakte group (https://vk. com/it_med_usma). The next meeting will take place on 12/20/2022 at 16:00.

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