The intramural stage of the team Universiade on human anatomy “Anatomy Brain Ring” 02-06-2022 News


On May 28 the intramural stage of the 2nd team Universiade on human anatomy “Anatomy Brain Ring” was held, dedicated this year to the “Cardiovascular system”.

6 teams took part in the face-to-face stage: “Calidus sanguis”, “Peptic ulcers”, “Save our souls”, “Ischemic stroke”, “Corona mortis” and “Dissecting the brain”. The participants had to show their knowledge in anatomy, erudition and ingenuity in 3 rounds, held in the formats “What? Where? When?”, “Pentagon” and “Own game”.

Results of the final round:

The winners were the team “Calidus sanguis” (Khuzina Ya.F. Zhikina O.D., Koltasheva E.A., Isakova A.S., Gilfanova P.T.)

The second place was taken by the team “Save our souls” (Mamaeva D.V., Tebeneva P.A., Lebedeva P.A., Boyarkina P.M., Zasypkina A.M.)

The third place was awarded team “Ischemic stroke” (Shabarchin V.E., Shabarova N.S., Petrova K.A., Vilkov A.A., Turlubekova A.A.)

“37 teams took part in the qualifying rounds and the strongest teams remained the final stage. My curatorial group OLD-202, headed by Alexandra Polyanok, held an interesting event for students of the medical and pediatric faculties of our university. Yulia Drevaleva led the program on her birthday, Maria Kim, Alina Kabina, Margarita Kokorina, Polina Alyoshenkova and all did a great job. The ideologist of the Olympiad is Associate professor of the Department of Human Anatomy Nikolay Viktorovich Yalunin, whom I have known for many years as an excellent teacher and curator. Together with assistants Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mostova and Elena Vladimirovna Telegina, we followed the teams’ struggle. How good the freshmen were! From such bright, beautiful, interesting guys are necessary to form a reserve of teachers, to teach and to educate them from the first days of study and train highly qualified specialists. Tasks followed one after another; there were disputes and quick answers. How important it will be in the work of a doctor! And regardless of who won, each participant gained experience working in a team. We teach structure and function, and then this knowledge will be laid in the foundation of the doctor’s training,” said Elena Zerchaninova, associate professor of the Department of Normal Physiology.

Thanks to the teams for their interest and ingenuity! Congratulations to the winners! We wish you further success and victories!

We thank the teachers who showed genuine interest in the Olympiad: Associate Professor of the Department of Human Anatomy, PhD, Elena Vladimirovna Telegina, Assistant of the Department of Human Anatomy Ekaterina Mikhailovna Mostovaya and Associate Professor of the Department of Normal Physiology, PhD Elena Igorevna Zerchaninova!

With best wishes, the organizing committee (Polyanok Alexandra, Alyoshenkova Polina, Drevaleva Julia, Cabin Alina, Kim Maria, Kokorina Margarita, Abrosimov Alexey, Taksatov Kirill, Chashchina Vilena, curator of the Universiade, PhD, Associate Professor of the Department of Human Anatomy Nikolay Viktorovich Yalunin)!

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