Congratulations to the winners of the subject team of the Universiade “ANATOMY BRAIN RING – SPLANDNOLOGY” 26-04-2021 News

The full-time stage of the subject team Universiade «Anatomy Brain Ring – Splanchnology» took place on the 17th of April 2021 at the Department of Human Anatomy of the Ural State Medical University, which was attended by 1st year students of the Prophylactic Medicine Department, Pediatric Department and Dental Department. The Universiade was organized jointly by teachers of Human Anatomy Department (P. V. Ivachev, Docent, PhD, Head of Human Anatomy Department, chairman; N. V. Yalunin, PhD, Docent of Human Anatomy Department, curator) and students of Preventive Medicine Faculty and Pediatric Faculty.

Traditionally, anatomy is considered difficult, volumetric subject. Often, students are afraid of it. Make it interesting for students, yesterday’s pupils, the task is far for simple. Therefore, the game format for studying the subject is extremely in demand, which was shown by the Moscow International Universiade on Anatomy, which was held on 26th of December in Moscow on the basis of 1st MSMU named after Sechenov, where the team of USMU took 2nd place. She served as an incentive for the intra-university Universiade in Anatomy.

The uniqueness of the Universiade was the team participation. Teams consisted of students of both one and different faculties (190 students from 38 teams took part).

The Universiade was held in 2 stages:

The qualifying stage was held in absentee format on the 21st and 22nd of March 2021 (the teams were asked to solve test tasks for anatomy in online regime with time limit). According to the results of qualifying stage, 7 teams who scored the largest point were admitted to participate in the full-time stage: «Monsters of anatomy» (Pediatric Department), «Proteinaceous» (Pediatric Department), «Exciting nerve» (Pediatric Department), «Pentagon» (Pediatric Department), «Vegetables» (Preventive Medicine Department), «Concha» (Preventive Medicine Department), «Pharaohs» (Preventive Medicine Department).

The full-time stage consisted of 3 rounds, whose tasks of which were both substantive and interdisciplinary in nature: answers to questions required knowledge of anatomy, history of medicine, Latin, erudition and logical thinking skills. This stage was held in the format of intellectual games:

1st round – «What? Where? When?». The teams for 1 minute were asked to give a written answer to the question, relying on the laws of logic and basic knowledge of the anatomy.

2nd round – «Pentagon». During the tour, the teams had to define a well-known scientist or apparatus, applying the knowledge of the history of medicine, anatomy and erudition. Five clues helped to answer each question: historical and clinical facts, as well as a «black box» (apparatus definition by touch).

3rd round – «Own round». During the tour, each team chose a question and for 1 minute gave an oral response. The questions of the tour were divided into 7 topics: «Call me by name» (anatomical eponyms), «Famous names» (names of scientists who contributed to the development of anatomy), «Where is the logic?» (establishing an associative connection between the depicted object and anatomical formation), «Inputs, paths and exits» (names of canals, aqueduct, meatus), «Neighbors» (apparatus syntopy), «Ab ovo usque ad mala» (age-related changes in the human body) and «Lapsus naturae» (apparatus developmental abnormalities).

Congratulations to the winners of the subject Universiade!

The team of the group OP-106 of the Pediatric Department «Exciting Nerve» took the first place (Elizaveta Belogorodtseva, Denis Burliay, Sofia Kozhevnikova, Ekaterina Nesterenko, Alexandra Priz)!

Team «Exciting Nerve»

The Students’ team of the group OLD-123 of the Prophylactic Medicine Department «Concha» took the second place (Anastasia Glebova, Alina Druzhinina, Kristina Erykalova, Alena Mineeva, Victoria Troshina)!

Team «Concha»

The team of groups OP-101 and OP-102 of Pediatric Department «Monsters of anatomy» took the third place (Victoria Danilova, Anna Ivanova, Vasily Kopyrin, Grigory Polovinkin, Natalia Smirnova)!

Team «Monsters of Anatomy»

We wish the winners and participants continued success and high achievements!

We would like to thank the students of the group OLD-102 for the preparation and conduct of the Universiade (Alexandra Polyanok, Anna Kornisheva, Oksana Pletnikova, Daniil Gradoboev, Julia Oshkokova, Nikolay Loginov, Maxim Chusovitin, Polina Aleshenkova, Darina Sannikova, Maria Kim, Valeria Livshits, Alina Kabina, Julia Drevaleva), OLD-114 (Grigory Serebrennikov), OLD-142 (Vilena Chashchina), OP-121 (Leila Mamedova)!

Team «Proteinaceous»

Team «Vegetables»

Team «Pentagon»

Team «Pharaohs»

Teachers of Human Anatomy Department

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