A mobile application to accompany children living with HIV will appear in the Urals 13-08-2021 News

Natalia Savchenko, a postgraduate student at the Ural State Medical University (USMU) and winner of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations’ competition «UMNIC», is the first in Russia to develop EasyLife, a mobile application to accompany children living with HIV. Its task is not only to remind the patient about the timely intake of antiretroviral therapy, but also to monitor his health. Now there is no such software on the domestic market.

The main feature of the application is the presence of an algorithm for the management of dermatoses in HIV-positive children. This scheme is based on the study of the microbiome of the skin of such patients. On the one hand, the algorithm will help the doctor calculate the risk of developing infectious skin diseases and prescribe the necessary therapy, on the other hand, the patient will receive individual treatment recommendations. The application will be specially adapted for children and teenagers. In addition to background information and the ability to communicate with your doctor, gamification elements and a bonus system will be introduced. This will form a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and reduce the number of skips in taking medications.

The system will not store any personal data, and communication with doctors will take place through a personal authorization code. When downloading the application, the patient will be asked to enter his nickname and the results of the latest tests: viral load, the number of T-lymphocytes, complaints of skin diseases.

Natalia Savchenko explains «The application will allow you to analyze the current laboratory indicators and, on their basis, will offer the doctor individual recommendations for the patient. Our software will also work as an organizer: due to disguised reminders, the skipping of antiretroviral drugs will decrease, and the doctor will have a tool for monitoring therapy, if the user wants».

Natalia Savchenko won a half-million grant from the Foundation for Assistance to Innovations to develop a demo version of the EasyLife mobile application. Also in 2020, the USMU graduate student won the All-Russian competition «My Country is My Russia» in the nomination «My Health». The young scientist plans to obtain a patent for his development and achieve widespread use of the application among the medical community and children living with HIV.

Olga Kovtun, Rector of USMU, said «Natalia Savchenko has the talent of a researcher and a promising scientist. The main thing is that its developments are aimed at achieving compliance with the patient, which means that this will lead to an increase in the effectiveness of treatment and the quality of life of the patient..

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