The event «Big night of big cinema» was held 30-06-2021 News

On the 21st of June 2021, the event «Big night of big cinema» was organized by film club «Logos» of the Philosophy, Bioethics and Cultural Studies Department together with Russian language and Socio-Cultural Communication Department. For the film club, it was the first face-to-face meeting during the pandemic.

The film club «Logos» has existed more than 10 years. During this time, many outstanding films were watched, which are considered masterpieces of world cinema. The first in the history of USMU «Night of cinema» was successfully held exactly two years ago. And now the «Big night of big cinema» has gathered teachers and international students of bilingual program of General Medicine Department.

This time, film club participants watched film «Gandhi» by one of the greatest directors of XX century – Richard Attenborough. This film about man who devoted his whole life to the struggle for the liberation of India from British rule, who became a spiritual leader of his people, the founder of the ideology of non-resistance to evil by violence and one of the outstanding people of the XX century.

The struggle against social injustice, racism, poverty, powerlessness, the struggle freedom always touches people’s hearts. Moreover, if the action of the picture is based on the real historical events and is brilliantly shot.

For the first time of the history of the film club, the film was watched and discussed in English. The film was made in English voice with Russian subtitles. The audience who watched the film to the end (and it goes for 3 hours and 11 minutes), were satisfied.

V. Vlasova, creator and art director of the film club «Logos», henceforth plans to watch and discuss such large-scale deep films that are the pride of world cinema, promote the highest humanistic values and unite people from different countries and generations.

This event was a milestone that marked the tenth anniversary of the film club. The organizers hope that the film’s club work on humanistic and aesthetic education of students through the cinema will continue, attracting more and more participants who are interested in it.

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