Students of USMU – about the conference “On the same wavelength with universities – 2022” 06-05-2022 News

By Valeria Bodrikova

The conference “On the same wavelength with universities 2022” was held in St. Petersburg. The participants were representatives of leading Russian universities. One of them was USMU.

Ambassadors of the Competence Center of the USMU, Valeria Bodrikova and Mohammed El Sobki, with particular enthusiasm, were able to complete the intensive program at the conference:

– strategic sessions;

– quests;

– meeting with Russian leaders such as Yulia Lysenko (GEOPHARM National Pharmacy Promotion Manager and winner of the ZDRAVOOKHRANENIE track);

– discussion meetings of students and speakers from the Competence Center.

“Experience and knowledge is the most valuable tool in becoming a specialist. And it’s especially nice when already established professionals share it. Their career stories, awareness, found sources of self-improvement definitely inspire and make you develop further!” shared Valeria Bodrikova.

“I especially liked the advice on balancing ambition and the risk of burnout. After all, this is extremely important in career growth,” said Mohammed El Sobki.

We hope that   this conference will become a productive and rich tradition!

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