Doctors of Moldova have the opportunity to improve their qualifications free of charge in Russia on countering COVID-19 24-06-2021 News

More than 30 doctors from the autonomous territorial unit of Gagauzia of the Republic of Moldova are taking advanced training courses at the Ural State Medical University (Yekaterinburg, Russia). Specialists receive knowledge on the program «Prevention of COVID-19, rehabilitation and management tactics at the outpatient stage of persons who have suffered a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)».

Joint work to improve the skills of doctors will continue. Anesthesiologists and resuscitators from Moldova are expected to attend this summer, with 14 doctors expressing a wish to take part in the training program. Course topic: «Intensive therapy of acute respiratory failure of coronavirus pandemic». In the second half of the year, it is planned to organize advanced training courses for middle-level specialists from Gagauzia in the areas of: «Ambulance and emergency care», «Medical care», «Obstetrics», «Laboratory diagnostics», «Nursing», «Nursing in pediatrics», «Anesthesiology and resuscitation», «Coronavirus infection COVID-19». In addition, it is expected that the doctors and nurses from Gagauzia will be joined by their colleagues from other regions of Moldova.

According to Olga Kovtun, rector of Medical University, the university’s teachers, including practicing doctors, have not only been very willing to get involved in this work, but have also offered to continue the collaboration through internships at Sverdlovsk clinics.

The leader said «Our University, implementing the policy of openness to the world, expresses its readiness to cooperate with Gagauzia and other regions of the Republic of Moldova in solving the problem of professional development of specialists with medical and pharmaceutical education. We are also ready to discuss various training formats, including internships at clinical bases of departments». Due to the difficult epidemiological situation, training events are held in the remote format of online lectures and seminars.

Sverdlovsk region cooperates quite actively with Gagauzia, since 2016 a corresponding bilateral agreement has been in force, several humanitarian and cultural projects have already been implemented.

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