I’m thinking about working at an infectious diseases hospital». USMU student – on duty in the «red zone» 12-02-2021 News

5th year student of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) Semyon Shen has been working as a male nurse in the trauma hospital No. 36 in Yekaterinburg for several months. In October, the hospital was reassigned for COVID-19 so, as the future doctor admits, it was not easy to adapt to the new conditions.

“I decided to get a job at this hospital as soon as I received a nurse certificate – I really wanted to see the work of the hospital from the inside, to understand what specialization to choose. I started my career in intensive care, I liked it very much, all the doctors are professionals in their field”, Semyon Shen said.

At the end of October 2020, City hospital No. 36 began to provide assistance to patients with a new Coronavirus infection – it was possible to quickly adapt to the changes thanks to the synergy of the team, the student of USMU notes. Semyon`s job is to monitor patients and, if necessary, to provide emergency assistance, also his duties include monitoring the treatment, following doctor`s prescriptions.

Семен Шень учится на 5 курсе лечебно-профилактического факультета

«The most difficult thing was to combine work with study: sometimes I had to take duty every other day, during breaks in the“green zone I was preparing for study. Now the schedule is stable – two shifts per week» Semyon Shen said.

The work of the USMU student is highly appreciated by the hospital management. In his letter of gratitude, addressed to Olga Kovtun, the rector of USMU, head physician Stanislav Lukin noted that Semyon Shen proved himself to be «a responsible, competent specialist whose respect by the patients and staff is well-deserved ».

The student considers being on duty in the «red zone» a positive experience because he was able to see a new job «with a completely different clinical picture». «I even began thinking about working at an infectious diseases hospital and to become an infectionist» Semyon Shen said.

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