Students team of USMU is in the top of three at the All-Russian Olympiad on Healthcare organization and Public Health 15-04-2021 News

Student team of Ural State Medical University (USMU) took third place in the All-Russian Olympiad at the Healthcare Organization and Public Health. Representative of USMU took part in this Olympiad for the first time. Competitions were organized by Department of Public Health and Health Organization of the Kazan State Medical University.

The team consisted exclusively of students from the Faculty of Preventive Medicine:

1) Gitman Tatyana Anatolyevna – captain (group OMP-502);
2) Nikoghosyan Karen Mersopovich (group OMP-406);
3) Stamikov Nikita Igorevich (group OMP-406);
4) Faizova Ekaterina Sergeevna (group OMP-406);
5) Popova Anastasia Andreevna (group OMP-406).

The Olympiad program consisted of three stages: solving practice-oriented tasks; solving thematic puzzles; testing.

Our guys showed excellent results!

The team is supervised by Anna Alexandrovna Kosova, interim head of Epidemiology, Social Hygiene and Organization of State Sanitary and Epidemiology Services Department.

The team thanks Elena Vladimirovna Anufrieva, the Dean of the Faculty of Preventive Medicine, as well as senior colleagues from the Rospotrebnadzor service, represented by Ekaterina Petrovna Kadnikova, for their help in preparing for the competition.

Congratulations and proud!

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