Miniinvasive surgical technologies well within our students range! 03-12-2021 News

In October 2021 in Moscow at the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University the jubilee X All-Russian Student Forum “Miniinvasive technologies in pediatric surgery. From theory to practice” took place internally.  It was dedicated to the memory of Professor A.V. Geraskin. This year it was commemorated to the 100th anniversary of the first domestic pyloromyotomy.

30 student teams (surgical teams) from medical universities of Russia including our students of the pediatric faculty, members of the student scientific club “Children’s Scalpel”: Elizabeth Ponomareva, Valeria Mitina, Yulia Kosheleva and Anastasia Slukina came to take part in the Olympiad and show their practical skills in endosurgery. For a month the students divided into two surgical teams have been training in mastering the skills of endosurgical interventions under the guidance of young teachers Rubtsov V.V. and Borisov S.A.

“Today possession of endosurgical technologies of surgical interventions is a necessary skill for any pediatric surgeon, so we were very happy to acquire new knowledge in this field, test ourselves, communicate with like-minded people and immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the pediatric surgical community,” the forum participants shared.

All competitions took place at the basis of the Training Center for Innovative Medical Technologies of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University. Firstly the participants had to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge in the “Quiz” competition and then show themselves in practice where the technique of possession of endosurgical instruments was evaluated. The “training” competition included cutting out a figure from paper using laparoscopic scissors and clamps as well as laparoscopic hernioplasty on a model of a pinched inguinal hernia.

In the “Endoscopic” competition, the technique of performing laparoscopic gastrostomy on a stomach model from a small intestine section was evaluated: participants had to carefully make a hole in the wall of the organ, place pursestring suture around the perforation and install a Folley catheter as a gastrostomy tube.

At the end of the forum Vasily Sergeevich Shumikhin, Associate Professor of the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, gave a lecture to the participants of the X Forum about laparoscopic pyloromyotomy. The students of the Ural State Medical University showed excellent knowledge and skills in a difficult competition and the results of their theoretical and practical training are worthy of high appreciation. The team of Elizabeth Ponomareva and Anastasia Slukina was awarded 3 diplomas: I place in the “training” competition, II place in both the “Quiz” and the “Endoscopic” competitions. The team of Mitina Valeria and Yulia Kosheleva won the second place in the “Quiz” competition, the third place in the “Endoscopic” competition.

Our congratulations! Keep it up! Glorify your university! To have perseverance, skills and work and you will achieve the goal! There is no any surgeon especially for children without this.

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