Mikhail Poroshin, a student of the Preventive Medicine Faculty, became a winner of the All-Russian Olympiad «Management and Leadership in Health Care – 2021» 01-06-2021 News

Students of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) for the first time took part in the All-Russian Student Olympiad «Management and Leadership in Health Care – 2021», organized by the Department of Public Health named after N. A. Semashko of the University named after Sechenov.

146 students from different regions of Russia competed in the qualifying round back in mid-April. 46 people reached the final, including three students from USMU, according to the results of the individual competition. As a result, Mikhail Poroshin was one of the prizewinners (6th years student of Oreventive Medicine Faculty of USMU), who took the 3rd place, losing in the fight only to students of the University named after Sechenov. Anna Alexandrovna Kosova, acting Head of the Department of Epidemiology, Social Hygiene and Organization of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, Svetlana Borisovna Chertopolokhova, Doctor of Medical Sciences, senior lector, were mentors of our prizewinner.

The final of Olympiad was held remotely on the Zoom online platform. Participants were offered to complete three blocks of tasks:

  1. Public speech. Stage included individual situations for modeling the performance in front of the staff of medical organization.
  2. Case. At this stage, participants were offered conflict situations that arise between doctor and patient. Participants identified type of conflict, problem and suggested solutions from the position office management or healthy authority.
  3. Situation task. The organizers proposed tasks for the knowledge of normative documents governing the activities of medical organizations. Also, during the stage, participants could demonstrate not only knowledge of regulatory documentation, but also the ability to find regularly legally justified answers to citizens’ questions.

The organizers, despite the online format, were able to create a friendly atmosphere and set up all the participants of the Olympiad final for productive work.

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