Results of the unique educational project between Ural State Medical University and the University of British Columbia 31-08-2021 News

The results of the unique joint experimental educational project “Physics of Nuclear Medicine” of the Ural State Medical University (USMU) and The University of British Columbia  have been summed up.

6 students, residents and young scientists from USMU received certificates of completion of the 4-month courses with honors:

Vetrov Viktor Andreevich
Gubina Olesya Grigorievna
Dudorova Oksana Alexandrovna
Melnikov Alexander Mikhailovich
Kiselev Igor Yurievich
Shubina Alexandra Sergeevna

The course was delivered by Dr. Rahmim Arman and Dr. Uriba Munoza Carlos from  the University of British Columbia. All lectures and practical exercises were conducted exclusively in English via Zoom conference, and a platform based on Microsoft Teams was organized for a more detailed consideration of topics and answers to questions from the audience.

The course participants performed laboratory work on the reconstruction and analysis of tomographic images, prepared projects on a given topic, and successfully passed the midterm and final exam in English. It must be noted that the course program was designed for students with an educational degree of at least a Master’s degree, and the overwhelming majority of students from Canada and China had a PhD degree.

The web course focused on an in-depth look at issues related to nuclear medicine, radiochemistry and radiopharmaceuticals, radiation biophysics, and general medical diagnosis and therapy. In addition to the standard topics that make up the content of the traditional course in nuclear physics, the course contained sections reflecting the current state of science, its problems and development prospects. The lectures included original research results. Laboratory work, in its own way, was aimed at training a neural network that interprets the results of medical research, which, of course, is an exceptional experience in the framework of mastering the program.

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