Future pediatricians about working at Clinics in Ekaterinburg 02-12-2020 News

Today sixth-year students of the pediatric faculty of the Ural State Medical University be seen at children’s’ clinics across Ekaterinburg. In just six months they will become certified specialists, and now they are undergoing practical training, working with patients under doctors’ supervision.

Children’s city hospital № 8, clinic № 4.

“We work with a pediatrician during doctor’s appointment, help to carry out a general examination of children, give recommendations on the regimen, care, nutrition correction. We go to visits with a doctor. Now we mostly encounter cases of ARVI or gastroesophageal reflux and we also do preventive appointments and vaccinate healthy children,” told Tatyana Tarasova.

Tatiana is doing her internship at the clinic of the сhildren’s city hospital № 8.

“I am lucky to work with a very good specialist, one might say that we are on the same page” tells the student. She notes that there is a definite benefit from the current practice for her, because after graduation she will work as a district pediatrician in Kamensk-Uralsky.

According to Maria Chelpanova, head of the department of preventive medicine of childen’s city hospital № 8, students of the pediatric faculty are of great help to doctors:

“We were able to relieve some of the nurses from the reception duty and assign them them, in particular, to the COVID tea. This is not the first group of students who undergo practical training with us. Without them, of course, it is much more difficult – there is a need for help from young doctors”.

Tatiana Tarasova during her internship at the clinic.

Galina Fedotova, assistant of the Department of Hospital Pediatrics, Ural State Medical University, supervises students who undergo practical training at clinics of сhildren’s city hospital № 8. The teacher is always in touch with the students.

“I would like to thank the management of the hospital, because all our students speak very positively about how they were met and guided at the clinics. This is important for students, because online is online and they lack live communication. There they can talk with a patient and parents, and there is a mentor nearby who will supervise everything,” tells the teacher of USMU.

Children’s city hospital No. 9, clinic № 1

Sixth-year students Maxim Lapshin and Daria Surovtseva started working in polyclinic № 1 of CCH № 9 back in October. Students see children together with doctors as well as go to appointments.

“The difference between this internship and the previous ones is the status. Now we feel as pediatricians, and previously, as a nursing staff, we did not have many contacts with doctors. It has more responsibility, as sometimes we need to examine a child well before vaccination, so that nothing is missed and there are no complications,” told Maxim Lapshin.

Maxim manages to combine internship with work at line ambulance team. The student wants to continue further development as a pediatrician.

“As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a doctor. I have never regretted that I chose pediatrics. A child is a whole different world from adults, although looks just as a small person. It is interesting to work with children, I’m happy when they are happy, when they laugh – you feel better too”.

Daria Surovtseva is also supervised by a pediatrician, but now she was entrusted with working independently at the emergency room. She already had an experience working there, but under the guidance of a doctor.

“For the first time I will be on duty on my own at the emergency room, where children arrive with acute pathology. If I have any questions, I can contact the doctors. I must “absorb” everything I can at the clinic. The difficulty of practice is multitasking. At the same time, it is a shame, of course, that we must work solo because I love to study,” she told us.

Daria admits that she really enjoys working with children.

“Children need help, they are very trusting. And with them everything is so easy, good and sweet. To them we are of gravitas.”

In the future, Daria Surovtseva would like to enroll in a residency in pediatrics in order to be able to work at a hospital, teach at the University and pursue science.

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