The scientific work of the USMU resident received the highest rating at an international competition 09-12-2020 News

The second year resident in the specialty “Transfusiology” Victoria Danilova received a diploma of the first degree at the XXVII International competition of scientific research works. Victoria presented her work “Features of the massive transfusion protocol” for the competition.

“I conducted the retrospective research that analyzed the use of transfusion therapy for massive blood loss in obstetrics. Samples were 42 patients from the Regional Perinatal Center of Yekaterinburg. We analyzed the qualitative and quantitative indicators of blood components in case of massive blood loss,”said Viktoria Danilova.

The resident added that she could not have achieved such a good result without the support of a scientific supervisor, a professional in her field, the head of the department of anesthesiology, resuscitation, toxicology of USMU Alexander Veniaminovich Kulikov. The fact that Victoria Danilova conducted her research on the basis of the perinatal center also played a role, thanks to the good functional equipment of which effective diagnosis and treatment of certain pathological conditions is performed.

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