Information on entry to Sverdlovsk Region for international students 28-09-2020 News

Dear International students!

Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic of the new coronavirus infection entry to the Russian Federation is limited. The list of foreign nations, whose citizens are allowed to enter Russia via air traffic checkpoints is determined by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation from 16.03.2020 N 635-p “On temporary limitation to the entry of foreign nationals and stateless persons and temporary cease to drafting and issue of visas and invitations”.

The following steps must be completed to ensure your arrival:

Step 1. Take PCR test, proving your negative COVID-19 status.

All foreign nationals must have medical document (in English or Russian), confirming their negative COVID-19 status when crossing the border of the Russian Federation. The PCR test must be made not earlier than 3 days prior arriving to Russia. If you were unable to do it, you must take the test within 3 days after coming to Russia.

Step 2. Inform the University

International students must inform the Office of international Education and Cooperation 7 days prior to their arrival by sending the following information to :

  1. Full name, date of birth;
  2. Group and faculty;
  3. Soft copy of your ticket, date and time of arrival flight number;
  4. Contact phone number.

Step 3. Book a place at the observatory.

After arriving to Russia, international students must maintain 14-day isolation in observation-like facilities. You can book your stay with AVS-Hotel (1A Respublikanskaya str.) by contacting +7 (953) 38 451 58.

Step4. Contact the COVID-19 hotline

International students must contact COVID hotline within 3 hours after arriving to Ekaterinburg by calling 112 and +7 (343) 312 08 81 (Russian). Be ready to provide the following details:

  1. Full mane, date of birth;
  2. Number of your passport;
  3. Your location;
  4. Time you intend to spend in Russia.

International students must inform the Office for International Education and Cooperation on their arrival: +7 (343) 214-85-89 (пн.-чт.: 9:00 – 18:00; пт.: 9:00-17:00), +7 922 100 55 46 (WhatsApp) or

Step 5. Submit the documents, proving you COVID-19 negative status, to University.

On your 10-12th day of stay in isolation the University organizes sample collection for PCR test. After receiving a negative result, you can enter the University premises and get access to classroom learning. Test results are to be sent to

You can read the full Decree of the Chief Health Inspector as well as guidebook for COVID-19 prevention at higher education institutions.

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