Information on entry to Sverdlovsk Region for international students 28-09-2020 News

Dear International Students!


Operational headquarters on prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus infection had approved the new algorithm dated August 27, 2021 No. 18kv for organizing work with international students, arriving in the Russian Federation for the purpose of training in educational institutions of higher education and secondary vocational education, in accordance to which all students can return to the Russian Federation.

If you have a valid student visa (period of validity not less than 45 days after the arrival to the territory of the Russian Federation):

Step 1. Inform the University

International students must inform the Office for International Education and Cooperation at least 10 days prior to their arrival by sending the following information to

  1. Scan of the international passport which you plan using to enter Russia;
  2. Group and department;
  3. Intended date and place of crossing the Russian border;
  4. Contact phone number.

We kindly remind you that you must wait until your arrival is approved by the University. Buying a ticket does guarantees a right to enter Russia. It is impossible to add you to the list to cross the border on a shorter notice.

Step 2. Take PCR test, proving your negative COVID-19 status
International students can cross the border of if they have medical document (in English or Russian), confirming their negative COVID-19. The PCR test must be made not earlier than 3 days prior arriving to Russia.

Step 3. Take the second PCR test, proving your negative COVID-19 status
International students must make a second test within 72 hours after arriving into Russia. They are only allowed to campus and offline study after receiving two negative test results. The students maintain the regimen of isolation until the second test result is ready.

We kindly remind you to remember, that the regimen of heightened readiness does not cancel out the existing requirement of the migration law. Foreign citizens must register at the place of the temporary residents within 7 days after arriving to Russia. When moving out of the place of isolation to the student dormitory, the international students must provide notice of registration at their previous temporary residence.

If you do not have a valid student visa:

International students must inform the Office for International Education and Cooperation of intention to arrive to University by sending an e-mail to, that specifies your full name, group and department and enclose your international passport.

After sending the document you will be added to the list fro crossing the border for the period of 90 days, after which staff of the Office will send you information on obtaining the invitation.

After obtaining student visa you must follow all the step of this algorithm on entry of international students to Sverdlovsk region.

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