Personal experience of medical volunteers providing help to Ekaterinburg clinics 15-12-2020 News

Volunteers of the “Medical volunteers” headquarters of the Ural State Medical University continue to help outpatient clinics in the city of Yekaterinburg in the framework of the All-Russian Mutual Aid Action MYVMESTE.

Anastasia Fazylova, a 4th year student of the medical and preventive faculty of USMU, shared her experience of volunteering. She spoke about the assistance to the Central City Hospital No. 3 during the fight against the new coronavirus infection:

“We work in a call center, receive calls, arrange for a doctor to take home, make an appointment with various specialists, and report the test results. During the shift we manage to communicate with a large number of different people. You need to quickly grasp the essence of the problem and solve it as quickly as possible – this is a good practice of communication skills and work in stressful conditions. Sometimes we solve conflict situations – this requires patience and elementary understanding. I think this is a valuable experience and a great opportunity to help with at least something in this difficult situation. “

We all know that studying at a medical university is not easy. Nastya told how she manages to combine volunteering and study:

“Yes, of course I manage to combine volunteer work with study. We work from 13 to 19 hours, we divide this time into shifts. Everyone chooses a convenient day and time, in accordance with how it is convenient for him. It turns out three or more times a week. This is how we fully cover the hospital’s need for volunteers.

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